Film Theory: Wall-E's Secret Cannibalism... More Juicy Proof!

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About 4 years ago, I released a theory saying that the movie Wall-E was about cannibalism. It was likely what solidified my place as King of Ruining Your Childhood forever. Theorists, today I am doubling down on that theory. The proof is in the pudding, or rather, it is in the cup. Where does the food come from and what is in it? Get ready for another heaping helping of people!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Thomas Torbergsen, Koen Verhagen, Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Fahd The King
    Fahd The King
    21 órája

    Yeah not like this theory can be debunked when the captain says "Regenerative food buffet." and the computer replies unchanged. Then again in the same scene he asked about passenger count which is also unchanged.

  2. Kozan

    If the humans don't know they're eating humans because the robots take care of everything, isn't it possible that the robots grow plants that the humans have no idea about?

  3. Olan Michael Hughes (Student)
    Olan Michael Hughes (Student)

    At 3 37 on the vid I thought the carrot was a human finger😂😂😂

  4. Seth McGowan
    Seth McGowan

    How many people are the buy in large spaceship

  5. Seth McGowan
    Seth McGowan

    How many people are the buy in large spaceship

  6. Drunk Venti
    Drunk Venti

    What if, since autopilot was instructed not to let humans go back to earth and didn’t tell the captain, just made a farm and hid it? And for the old thing, what if they just stay inside? Yknow… cause they’re old?

  7. Ineichen
    2 napja

    I'd say the only real flaw with the theory is the negative medical side effects of cannibalism and a questionable nutritional value.

  8. TC
    2 napja

    That was the first think i tought but than i realized some other stuff. First i have to say that is a right theory, my one is that they made a farm with wheat parnips and some more food like bananas or apples, but most importantly they also made a pig, a cow, and a chicken farm. I saw that there are many parts of the spaceship that where not accesible, and i think that is a room to put the human bodies and dispose without anyones vision. I also noticed that a great fertilizer is chicken, that means that their farms could work. they COULD make flavored human meat with what they have, but there would be no way to not smell it, IT IS IN YOUR FREAKING MOUTH AND FLAVOR/ODOR IS CONNECTED. BUT they would have to go to earth, considering that minerals would be necessery but in not a very large scale and they could live 700 years if they just used some other stuff i found. With the cows, pigs and chicken Some VERY caloric food can be made like butter and with the vegetable farm cereals that are also caloric. That would make obesity very quickly. I saw someone talk about artificial flavors but they are limited as they use too much minerals i saw someone say they had no plants, the robots could be doing it all. So they would NOT eat themselfes Also there is probably human bodies being used in the garden, just in a lower scale considering that they had to rise their lifetime, a normal human is about 120 years Ok they could need sun light, But the garden is probably on a glass place hidden. IF you don't believe this just remember from another reply that they need oxigen so there must be hidden plants somewhere and they gotta survive The bones will be composted for calcium. Earth might be not fertilizeble cuse of all the trash consuming earth, so they can't go back Yet If there is someting that the humans might notice remembre that the robots do all teaching. Now the most difficult one to debunk: The placebo effect. Well First needed to explain is they probably have some GREAT ADVANCED fertilier so that the Super Garden could work, Continuing on placebo, i think the placebo and faking food theory is actually half right. Like why would they do pizza flavor, for exemple? But if they had the materials some food is actually cheaper. So they are using placebo to but butter and other caloric materials into it but IT JUST ISN'T HUMAN MEAT. and they are making all on cups with straws because of that, get it? Okay most of this coment got deleted and i have to say MOST of stuff there is right, i think they have something to stop eldery cuse there is no elder captain on the scene(this is about the plant farm theory, this was control c control v)

  9. Mirna Rodriguez
    Mirna Rodriguez
    2 napja

    See calixo instead #calixo boo matpat

  10. Shaina Shojaeion
    Shaina Shojaeion
    2 napja

    Œ W Œ

  11. Paola Natale
    Paola Natale
    3 napja

    Matpat, ruiner of childhoods

  12. the demon king
    the demon king
    3 napja

    If you don't see anything disproving this Theory what about the bones

  13. Balázs Perneczky
    Balázs Perneczky
    3 napja

    what iftheold mans are in a separeta stage of the ship?

  14. Joseph Olive
    Joseph Olive
    3 napja

    Honestly, if it tastes like a cupcake, I don't care!

  15. MAN iAC
    MAN iAC
    3 napja

    They can barely stand, so im guessing no natural births happen

  16. Dust sans
    Dust sans
    3 napja

    There were already 3 d printers which can print food

  17. Dust sans
    Dust sans
    3 napja

    Idiot wall e humans aren't cannibals

  18. Keldose Moonscar
    Keldose Moonscar
    4 napja

    The year *is* 2805..and in the scene where Captain McCrea is listening to the status reports, he asks about the ship's "regenerative food buffet" so would it be possible they really can make food without actually having to harvest?

  19. David Smith
    David Smith
    4 napja

    You don't hear "once you've eaten your first human the rest go down easier" everyday

  20. Bob Smoothie
    Bob Smoothie
    4 napja

    Just remember that Wall.e is over 700 years old, and Eve is only 2 days old. Have a nice day!

  21. esteban collazo
    esteban collazo
    4 napja

    The female fertile drain logistically serve because hook proportionately long before a poor john. probable, harmonious sideboard

  22. AntoniosPL
    5 napja

    The Cannibalism Trilogy.

  23. Gavin Cihiy
    Gavin Cihiy
    5 napja

    How do they have kids or keep life on that ship

  24. Savannah Phillips
    Savannah Phillips
    7 napja

    Has anyone mentioned Prions disease? like theres a reason we don’t recycle dead people as food lol

  25. Carrisebear
    7 napja

    What about the mass die off of all civilization? When the Axiom lands on Earth, I have zero confidence in them surviving more than 2 days. Without plants there’s no oxygen on Earth and the air is too toxic to breathe. There is nothing to eat. They have had no exposure to weather so when the big dust storm comes (as it seems to every day) they will stupidly stare at it in wonder and not seek shelter. They have no food, and no water. Their emotional resilience to deal with tough situations is non-existent.

  26. TortoRacoon
    8 napja

    Fattest guy ever was Victor Uribe (also latino... why always latinos? coke and tortas... maybe) but he passed away like 2 years ago

  27. Khadijetou Deida
    Khadijetou Deida
    8 napja

    Jkusms'sllzmq'mWlslsm Nظض

  28. Hidden One
    Hidden One
    8 napja

    Your theory can't be correct. First of all for example when people knew there will be a lockdown because of covid 19 what we did is panic buying and bought everything that we need. I assume that something similar happened here they bought as many food as they can store on the ship that will last as long as it needs to last. When it comes to preservation I don't think I saw any ref on that movie but it's on the future I'm sure they got mote technologies in terms of preserving food. 2nd theory Maybe there is plants & animals but they're hidden in a secret room that only android / robots can access. Dead people theory Maybe they are just cremating them in the exhaust of the ship just like Yondu's cremation in guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

  29. kemo_2001
    9 napja

    this theory is scientifically very flawed, it violates the law of conservation of energy, if you have 10 people who only eat each other there total energy will still remain the same so you cant make them 11 by making babies because you cant make energy out of nothing, the number of humans eating each other will decrease generation after generation because calorie burning from moving/breathing

  30. Draven Huffman
    Draven Huffman
    9 napja

    I saw a Mikey ASPITPY reference

  31. Satan Lover13
    Satan Lover13
    10 napja

    thosenumbers are rediculouseifyoueat allhumanit would have to becooked,theres no way youcan getmore then 40kout of a dead body withought wasting a rediculouse amount of energy gettingit

  32. Dark Raider • 10 years ago
    Dark Raider • 10 years ago
    10 napja

    There is a hole in this theory human bodies use calories for other functions like creating heat meaning they lose calories slowly so even if they eat each other they need some other source of food to make up for all the other burning calories

  33. Edo Pronk
    Edo Pronk
    10 napja

    He isn't completely wrong. For flights to mars they experiment with food based on bacteria which feed on methane. And that methane is produced by bacteria feeding on.... Human excrement. And I imagine on a longer voyage that will also include human bodies. So in a convoluted way, he isn't completely wrong.

  34. pancakes 15
    pancakes 15
    10 napja

    Well sure there’s no elderly people but think of the ships that went back to earth at the start of the film. Yes they went to check for life but why would the auto pilot send ships to earth if there not supposed to return what if they went back for some food. Also there’s no way that we got shown the entire ship so in theory we could have farms on there. But hey that’s just a theory a film theory and cut. Please make sure mat sees this I think it breaks the theory of cannibalism

  35. hopeamygrace _
    hopeamygrace _
    11 napja

    Also the secret farm can be supplemented with human flesh

  36. hopeamygrace _
    hopeamygrace _
    11 napja

    Also could there be a secondary food-only chute for food production?

  37. hopeamygrace _
    hopeamygrace _
    11 napja

    Cant the robots run farms while the humans are non the wiser

  38. Jenny Boldt
    Jenny Boldt
    11 napja

    wait... so if the captains lived 150 to 200 years then how come there aren't any old people????????????????????????????

  39. Kayliegh's Korner
    Kayliegh's Korner
    11 napja

    Matpat I do have a question about this theory if all of the people are living to nearly 200 years, where do they get the food while they are waiting for the people to die?

  40. Fair Snail LZ-129
    Fair Snail LZ-129
    11 napja

    Fun fact nasa put a device on a mars rover that can turn co2 into carbon and o2

  41. scout
    12 napja

    how do they make kids if they cant get up

  42. Ilumana
    13 napja

    One thing I noted in WALL-E was that when any human was removed from there chair, there clothes went from Blue back to Red. That got my attention when someone pointed it out.

  43. Perseus
    13 napja

    Maybe they could eat babies or something

  44. nintenjoe 27
    nintenjoe 27
    13 napja

    9.99M subs! 1K more! Come on people!

    1. Ninety Nine Ballons
      Ninety Nine Ballons
      12 napja

      10 more now

  45. RoblOoOl
    13 napja

    they ARE elderly if they're 150 years old

  46. Kuro Montero
    Kuro Montero
    13 napja

    Im a big fan of Matpat Watching All of his vid and stuff but… The “morty” song is really bothering me because its from pewdiepie…

  47. Malvin Paitoo
    Malvin Paitoo
    13 napja

    If oxygen is in water then y do we drown huh MatPat🙂🙃😕

  48. Fire playz
    Fire playz
    14 napja

    You kinda missed something ... Wall-E uses dead bodies of other Wall-Es to keep energy.

  49. Shananakin Piewalker
    Shananakin Piewalker
    15 napja

    “You know what they say human meat can not be beat” we will see on December 1st

  50. Silken Emperor
    Silken Emperor
    15 napja

    For a film theory intro it should be that equation with Mario and the shell but replaced with the respective counterparts.

  51. Adelyn Webb
    Adelyn Webb
    15 napja

    More pleseeeee

  52. SCP: administrator
    SCP: administrator
    15 napja

    "game theo rists insane shi*** theories." totally not a parody of SMG4 10 year anniversary song

  53. Dorothy Nunes
    Dorothy Nunes
    16 napja

    But what about inbreeding?

  54. Juniverse Vi
    Juniverse Vi
    17 napja

    I think the just barely able to walk part is more of a "we never developed the muscles" rather than a weight thing. They arent that big that they can't walk. Also, they mat provide more calories, but they are also are sustaining those same larger bodies.

  55. oofy
    17 napja

    4:24 when rick doesn't have a good excuse to say why his adventure failed.

  56. lily felicity
    lily felicity
    17 napja

    Wouldn’t they all die of kuru?

  57. CantTouch Dis
    CantTouch Dis
    17 napja

    "Sir, this Matt guy that you told me to keep an eye on, why is he searching up how to hide the flavor of human flesh?"

  58. S U mai
    S U mai
    17 napja

    That's ruined my childhood

  59. Dylan James Villacruz
    Dylan James Villacruz
    17 napja

    My respect for walt disney 📉

  60. mynamein20characters
    18 napja

    Ok, but if they are all overweight they would all have to overeat, no?

  61. Alice Hybrid Roleplay Gaming
    Alice Hybrid Roleplay Gaming
    18 napja

    What about the fruit from the past, fruits has SEEDS

  62. Johny bruh
    Johny bruh
    18 napja

    should also be in food theory

  63. I'm A Person
    I'm A Person
    18 napja

    Shakey? SHAKE-Y?! H U M A N M I L K - SHAKE - Y ? !

  64. H Pham
    H Pham
    18 napja

    Allll yaiy rip offf

  65. A certain Someone
    A certain Someone
    19 napja

    robots need fuel to run not food i don't see how this is right in anyway

  66. Bob & Luke Productions
    Bob & Luke Productions
    19 napja


  67. Wenjuan Liu
    Wenjuan Liu
    19 napja

    They can just use clone machines for food though

  68. NextToLegendary
    19 napja

    They are shaped like BMAX.

  69. Moon Star
    Moon Star
    19 napja

    I find it kinda funny that me and my friends had to do a project about how to make sure that humans can live on a space ship a few days later after this was posted and I said cannibalism and some of my friends agreed, so thanks Mat for helping me with a project. (sorry for my bad grammar)

  70. Micah_RT
    20 napja

    MatPat: “Human meat can’t be beat!” Male teenagers: *“Are you sure about that?”*

  71. GamerCat
    20 napja

    cant they just be growing animals?

    1. GamerCat
      19 napja

      @IYQCH A the meat will eat the meat.

    2. IYQCH A
      IYQCH A
      19 napja

      ... How they feed them? They never show them They barely knew What is a plant. But remember ITS just a theory A FILM THEORY

  72. Lucas Kotsifas
    Lucas Kotsifas
    20 napja

    Man, I never considered the lack of elderly people, these passengers only live 125+ years... crazy

  73. Grey Mask
    Grey Mask
    21 napja

    Ah yes, so ruining my childhood once wasn't enough

  74. American Viking
    American Viking
    21 napja

    How about you do a film theory video on LUCA?

  75. Hollow
    21 napja

    Also the passengers dont live a full life because of the no old people thing so they'd need to eat even less people to survive I think

  76. Roxy 123 Foniex
    Roxy 123 Foniex
    22 napja

    This is weird to me cuz we humans can clearly make artificial food. Humans need the essential minerals and vitamins right? So we can totally produce that in a lab. Even now we can produce artificial flavours which are similar to the original food, like chemicals which taste just like orange etc. Like even i remember in one of the episodes of Doremon 😂😅 Nobita was given just a CUBE that tasted like spicy rice, desert, and something else as well. So why in the Axiom they weren't producing pills or cubes or something like that. Maybe they are, only in liquid form that is. And about the dead bodies, maybe they burn them for the spaceship fuel or something 🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  77. Đức Nguyễn Quang
    Đức Nguyễn Quang
    22 napja

    The heavier you weight, the more calorie you need to sustain that weight, our body always try to get back to the best working condition while we are still alive, the math is a huge flaw. This guy tried to hard for his likes.. wrong infos are poison. So much about "get yourself smarter each video".

  78. fuggle buggle
    fuggle buggle
    22 napja

    Human meat cant be beat? Sure you can if u catch my drift

  79. Jemalyn Fabiano
    Jemalyn Fabiano
    22 napja


  80. Jemalyn Fabiano
    Jemalyn Fabiano
    22 napja


  81. Amber Nodder Dorket
    Amber Nodder Dorket
    23 napja

    Does Matt Pat have any way for me to send him a letter?

  82. Santeri Härkänen
    Santeri Härkänen
    23 napja

    you ruined me

  83. Aley Elmallah
    Aley Elmallah
    23 napja

    But matpat if they are in space they can't get herbs or salt or even suger to mask the taste

    1. IYQCH A
      IYQCH A
      19 napja

      In fact... We already know that they brainwash since childhood. So not even trying normal emmm meat? Sounds simpler like that, doesn't it?

  84. DD War
    DD War
    24 napja

    What I've always wondered is where do they get the artificial flavoring?

  85. Ewart Smith
    Ewart Smith
    24 napja

    9:41 I guessed 1200 🙌🏾

  86. True Soviet ‘revolutionary
    True Soviet ‘revolutionary
    24 napja

    “This is a bucket.” Theorist be like: ITS NOT A BUCKET ITS A WEAPON

  87. camp_camp_lover
    24 napja

    Wtf it-

  88. Aeryn Maas
    Aeryn Maas
    25 napja

    If Captains are resigned like everyone else and they live to be over a century old who's to say none of the passengers aren't up in that age range but their wrinkles don't show due to any of the biological components of those "humans"?

  89. killshot7
    25 napja

    just watched your wonka vision episode on food theory and realized that this is in the far future where technology like this has definitely evolved, so im wondering if something like this might've been on the ship and could've been a substitute or even the main food supplier

  90. sadraqi kejalfel
    sadraqi kejalfel
    25 napja

    The vacuous quart subsequently form because nylon erroneously desert in a hard-to-find fireplace. curious, hypnotic birthday

  91. Andrew
    25 napja


  92. digge
    25 napja

    but you still didn't fix the problem about coffee .... the captain of the ship clearly drank coffee and that proves plant on the plane maybe?

  93. pew pew police
    pew pew police
    26 napja

    666 years to be exact;)

  94. Robertpaws
    26 napja

    WTFF??? I swear this video is uploaded, I remember this topic!!

  95. Colin Wilson
    Colin Wilson
    26 napja

    It seems like the lifespan of the captains increasing needs to be taken into account for the people as well. The captains were living for well over 100 years. If that is true for the people as well the amount of cadavers would increase to account for the longer lifespan, but less people would be dying because they are living longer. Does the math still work?

  96. ögeday çakmak
    ögeday çakmak
    26 napja

    People not knowing what a plant is doesn't sound like a good proof because they don't know many things about the ship. We can see that in the movie. So there möight be a garden wich only robots know about.

  97. Wayz_Pickle
    27 napja

    Cannibalism causes a disease called kuru. Kuru causes tremors which we don’t see. But, I could see this also being a bonus because kuru also results in death which would explain the lack of old people.

  98. Midnight gaming
    Midnight gaming
    27 napja

    Sometimes I feel like you should say some stuff isn’t real because sometimes like when you did the saw thing it made me feel like I was gonna die ):

    1. Midnight gaming
      Midnight gaming
      27 napja

      I am a big fan tho!

  99. Stealy Wheely Automobeely
    Stealy Wheely Automobeely
    27 napja

    My reaction after watching this video: hmm. My reaction after then watching the film: GULP.