Film Theory: Dib Is An ALIEN! (Invader Zim)

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I've been wanting to cover more classic cartoons lately and Invader Zim was the perfect choice. The lore and science of that show fascinates me. There is so much we can dive into that it was hard to limit myself to one thing, but for you, Theorists, I will do my best. Today we are going to uncover the SECRET ALIEN hiding in plain sight. No, I don't mean Zim. I am talking about DIB!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Zach Stewart
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. NoTagBacks
    5 hónapja

    I think if the show wasn't canceled, this would actually be the big twist during a season finale of some sort

    1. Cheese Burger
      Cheese Burger

      @87 Pierre Emad it was more popular with teens than kids

    2. Maria Rangel
      Maria Rangel
      22 napja


    3. Garruage
      22 napja

      @DemxnXrtz that episode was 100% deleted.

    4. Bill Johnson
      Bill Johnson
      23 napja

      You right

    5. GreenPeam_PG3D
      25 napja

      @tara lamlam12 your so lucky i never get pinned 😫

  2. Samus419

    Best. Theory. Ever¡

  3. Devin Reed
    Devin Reed
    6 órája

    He said these vids we're 15 min long but it's 16

  4. Christina Carroll
    Christina Carroll
    12 órája

    I’m surprised he didn’t talk about Gaz’s strange reality bending powers or the fact that she’s a skilled fighter pilot at the age of, what, 10? They say it’s because she’s a gamer, but video games don’t translate to real world pilot skills.

  5. •「十分笨」•
    23 órája

    membrane lookin like an aburame

  6. wildtk123
    3 napja

    Then he might be half human and half Allen.

    1. wildtk123
      3 napja


  7. Therev295
    3 napja

    I think Dib saying "I just hope the Irkens use the same operating system as I do" was more of a reference to Independence Day.

  8. cancerous troll
    cancerous troll
    4 napja

    if dib is a clone and he has ears wouldnt that mean that his dad also has ears?

  9. Marko Feller
    Marko Feller
    4 napja

    if dib is a clone of his father, then he shouldnt have a nose and ears.

  10. Owen Is Cool
    Owen Is Cool
    5 napja

    Question: why doesn’t honey find coupons for its own website?

  11. Lex Taro
    Lex Taro
    5 napja

    I don't know if anyone has pointed this out before, but when Professor Membrane is a "child" his voice is the same as when he's an adult. And in that clip, he's about the same size as Zim. What if the people of Zim's race (I know what they're called, I just don't know how to spell it) start out short, and then some of them get taller later in life. And maybe there's a gene for it that the Tallest can look for so they can get rid of the ones who might grow tall enough to overthrow them.

  12. Karla Cervantes
    Karla Cervantes
    6 napja

    Do I believe this maybe, am I just glad there's at least more invader zim content? Yes

  13. Radiant Shadow
    Radiant Shadow
    9 napja

    7:00 The scene afterwards was my favorite of the series, he steps into a stall and screams "LEAVE NO EVIDENCE!" Then a kid runs out and watches the bathroom stall explode into fire, and stands there in shock.

  14. Simon
    10 napja

    Sim sounds like chaos from sky landers academy

  15. Okthatsnice
    10 napja

    Hey matpat what if I told u that the reason that dims dad always says aliens stuff is fake is probably because it’s a REOCCURRING JOKE

    1. Okthatsnice
      10 napja

      Also maybe his nose is being hidden from goggles they also how would they give him ears when he wears goggles that cover the place human ears would probably be

  16. stariiyu
    11 napja

    petition for invader zim to get another season to prove matpat right (and because i fuckin love that show)

  17. Neptune_80
    11 napja

    He really is if he can fit a COW in his stomach

  18. sanan khattak
    sanan khattak
    11 napja

    you just showed short membrane on earth and then said he was kicked out because he was tall enough to take over

  19. Terrapin Flyer
    Terrapin Flyer
    12 napja

    Holy CRAP! I love when conspiracy theories are this good. Definitely going to rewatch the series w this in mind. Almost 20 years later w this info! What about Dib's nose and ears?! Would be awesome if Netflix picked up a reboot of the series!

  20. NuggetboiHunud
    13 napja

    matpats the reason i overthink everything

  21. Owen Christopher Lai
    Owen Christopher Lai
    13 napja


  22. Owen McGahey
    Owen McGahey
    13 napja

    Iv seen yhe movie but not the tv show

  23. disco Stu
    disco Stu
    13 napja

    Another theory about invader Zim

  24. you got any memes
    you got any memes
    14 napja

    Dibs dad gets father of the year

  25. Czech Mate
    Czech Mate
    15 napja

    So he's a protector of Earth. He cared about his appliances destroying all of Earth.

  26. Gavin Williams
    Gavin Williams
    15 napja

    He figured it out great

  27. Macro Machina
    Macro Machina
    15 napja

    .>....... i can`t be a aln..... ooooo an if your smart enuf you would know zim is a girl.

  28. Ash Salas
    Ash Salas
    16 napja

    There's still one thing I don't understand. If Dib is a clone of his father why does he and Gaz have ears and noses? Because Professor Membrane doesn't have ears or a nose so did they have a genetic mutation get those ears and a nose or what?

  29. Yoda Master
    Yoda Master
    17 napja


  30. rabbit v hamster sapphire and chompy
    rabbit v hamster sapphire and chompy
    18 napja

    I think the Clemebrane and Gaz bit was stretched out Memebrane just saw something that looks like him and just bave him a pudding cup and Gaz was being sarcastic.

  31. Creative Cheetah
    Creative Cheetah
    19 napja

    But MatPat, Membrane has been on Earth since he was a kid. Wouldn't that mean the Tallest didn't send him to Earth? Membrane also has the same growth patterns as a human.

  32. 8Dan
    19 napja

    among us in a nutshell

  33. Lynn Allen
    Lynn Allen
    19 napja

    I'm kinda sus of zim but hes probably not an alien

  34. Cheesy Man
    Cheesy Man
    19 napja

    Skuiggly skwooch that sounds like not a theory or being sarcastic no IT IS IN FACT an inappropriate joke

  35. TnT FoX
    TnT FoX
    19 napja

    I think this theory is true because the show creator said the finale would have Zim fighting against the Urkans when they finally came for Earth. Why would Zim team up withn Dib? Well if his father showed himself to be the Tallest... and revealed the other two tallest's plans... Zim would be mad once he realized they wanteed to get rid of him.

  36. Georgia Mendez
    Georgia Mendez
    19 napja

    The doubtful sentence immunophenotypically welcome because tip lilly decorate off a steep stew. bright, paltry spark

  37. dReliq
    19 napja

    What if he's actually future Zim or something?

  38. Belle Jasmin Yadao
    Belle Jasmin Yadao
    20 napja

    If membrane was banished for being too tall,explain how he was a child taller than the almighty tallest

  39. TJAwsmness 54
    TJAwsmness 54
    20 napja

    14:15 "That one is living amongst them" [dead body reported]

  40. creeper animation Studios
    creeper animation Studios
    20 napja

    I know this is a theory a FILM THEORY but how come Gaz and dib have ears and nose

  41. Leo Bug
    Leo Bug
    20 napja

    I got giggling at 14:33

  42. Jonathan Ryan
    Jonathan Ryan
    20 napja

    this is blowing my mind so hardcore right now!!!!!!!!

  43. Nicholas Burns
    Nicholas Burns
    20 napja

    The only thing I have a problem with is there is a clip of baby membrane being small and he use the idea that the mighty tallest sent him because he is tall and we know he was on earth because well santa

  44. Waffle Lord
    Waffle Lord
    20 napja

    I miss invader zim 😭😭😭😭

  45. Jorja Lowery
    Jorja Lowery
    20 napja

    I AN ZIM!!!!

  46. Jorja Lowery
    Jorja Lowery
    20 napja

    Yaaaaaaaaaasssss my faaaaavvvvoooorrriitte movie

  47. Kittiki Studios
    Kittiki Studios
    21 napja

    I wonder that membrain wife died giving birth to twins that were half alien and half human

  48. Imogenkat
    21 napja

    I know I'm late but I wish you could do more videos about the show

  49. A Stoopid Person
    A Stoopid Person
    21 napja

    Test tube bbys

  50. job bot
    job bot
    21 napja

    Enter the florpus sounds like enter the plumbus

  51. G I R
    G I R
    21 napja

    12:25 Why do be his head so big?

  52. Zane bates
    Zane bates
    21 napja


  53. Knuckles  Sonic
    Knuckles Sonic
    21 napja

    Also at the end of movie the Clone and membrain are together when clams the clone is a hallucinating

  54. K_SET
    22 napja

    You're actually wrong, Dib is a clone of his father. 🙄

  55. Christian Gutierez
    Christian Gutierez
    22 napja

    Okay I found something that broke theory if membrane was a kid and he was like the size of like a six-year-old then how would be people taller than them Almighty toddlers but tallest aliens how to be taller than them because we see him on earth when he was a kid so yeah that's one thing that breaks his theory I don't know maybe doesn't have any ears nose

  56. Joe Craft
    Joe Craft
    22 napja

    The tallest are actually the smallest, because they fit in the tall suits.

  57. oldmansam26 Hartnett
    oldmansam26 Hartnett
    22 napja

    maybe matpat is a alien because he is very smart

  58. Icyjuschillin
    23 napja

    The fourth channel will be conspiracy theories.

  59. pink7ig3rgaming
    23 napja

    what if the film was too lazy to edit Mr. Membrane?

  60. Loturzel Restaurant
    Loturzel Restaurant
    23 napja

    Channel is kinda bad at Quality 'these Days'...

  61. Loturzel Restaurant
    Loturzel Restaurant
    23 napja

    Hey, RANDOM, I KNOW, but i just found the most insane User on HUpac EVER: The User "3 Phase Induction Motor" is talking EXTREME B.S in some comments i saw... Some of his/her claims are "Woman do NOT have s-ual desires OR emotions! Men just bribe them do pretend to have them!" Girls dont have EMOITIONS, at all, is what this Person proudly proclaims! Holy fluff... holy... fluff... -Just wanted to warn ya.

  62. Giovanni XO
    Giovanni XO
    23 napja

    ...Wait... this makes perfect sense..

  63. melissa robb
    melissa robb
    23 napja

    It’s not a fear it’s the truth

  64. Deepthi935
    23 napja

    Dib has ears too

  65. Gecko o
    Gecko o
    24 napja

    Well I always though that there was something weird with professor membrane, but he didn't have enough screen time and no one was making theories back then. One thing is for sure, that cartoon ended way too soon.

  66. a b
    a b
    24 napja

    Or maybe Prof. Membrane somehow just stole Irkin tech to conquer Earth, and is trying to hide that fact from his son and the world.

  67. Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan
    Yofadhli Ahmed Kahirawan
    24 napja

    Professor membrane : "Think DIB, THINK! You'll outlast every fragile, insignificant being on this planet. You'll live to see this world crumble to dust and blow away! Everyone and everything you know will be gone!" "What will you have after 500 years?!" Dib : "You dad..."

  68. EFeezie
    24 napja

    This. Is. INSANE! Thank you so much for this theory I didn't know I needed

  69. Wepped
    24 napja

    Nah they will probably ruin your expectations by doing that midseason.

  70. KadeX
    24 napja

    “NOT SCIENTIFICALLY POSSIBLE!” That needs to be a meme format

    1. torrented gamer
      torrented gamer
      19 napja

      @KadeX my username means nothing, i just thought it sounded cool.

    2. torrented gamer
      torrented gamer
      19 napja

      @KadeX i mean, it was more relevant. last year. only prequel memes and doge memes stay relevant for more than 6 months

    3. KadeX
      19 napja

      @torrented gamer also, quick question. What does your screen name mean?

    4. KadeX
      19 napja

      @torrented gamer if you read all the replies to this comment you would’ve known what I actually meant to say but just didn’t feel like correcting it in the original post

    5. torrented gamer
      torrented gamer
      20 napja

      @KadeX it was.

  71. ZIM
    24 napja

    I’m always the cooler one

  72. animal adventures
    animal adventures
    24 napja

    I thought that you would say that membrane was making a clone expirement on himself to make the kids, but the result was horrible, his smartness only went into the clones, so they had different looks, as in green skin, and red eyes. So he thought that they wouldn't fit in the world so they were sent into space possibly to die, but they adapted to the vacuum of space and started a new species, like adam and eve kinda

  73. Alex Lewis
    Alex Lewis
    24 napja

    I never got to watch invader zim But I 100% think that they should bring it back and redo it because it seems really funny

  74. Busermeder
    24 napja

    Maybe but I disagree 😡

  75. Kriz24 Gaming
    Kriz24 Gaming
    25 napja

    If Dr. Membrane is an Alien, that means his son Dib is also an Alien... and if Dib, (the Proto-MatPat,) is an Alien... then MatPat is also an Alien... I KNEW IT!! XD

  76. Box Man
    Box Man
    25 napja

    invader zim is amogus movie

  77. -Galaxy Polar-
    -Galaxy Polar-
    25 napja

    People also really forget that there was an episode where another invader came to Earth and she had a realistic human disgusie that was complete with ears and a nose and human skin. Even if you take all points of evidence that can discredit the theory, the fact that this episode exists means that Professor Membrane can use the same technology to disguise himself and his clones.

  78. bugman bugman
    bugman bugman
    25 napja

    what is the point of these theory videos? none of them are true. nobody that makes these shows is excepting for nerds to be contemplating this stuff 20 years later. they're all just nutty cartoons to make money.

  79. Entertained Gamer
    Entertained Gamer
    25 napja

    I know I'm a little late but mat pat perhaps professor membrane says aliens don't exist so dib collects alien inventions for evidence then professor membrane secretly uses them to upgrade or invent his inventions? And maybe he thinks that when he says he believes dibs theory then dib will not collect more inventions as evidence. But hey that's just my thought... A really not that interesting probably untrue thought.

  80. L m
    L m
    25 napja

    Personal Theory: The Almighty Tallest are not taller at all. Looking at their design, it leaves us to believe they are extremely lanky at first glance, however the more you look, the more you notice. While all other Irken seem to wear clothing and walk, the Tallest seem to be wearing armor, with mechanical grooving that we see with their other technology, as well as the fact that they FLOAT...hover? This lack of gravity is extremely questionable and entirely unexplained. Unless, it's some sort of Advanced Technological Bio-Suite. If this be the case, then really their large spherical chests are actually compartments acting as a Life Support/Protective shell for their true tiny Irken bodies. It would explain why the range of motion to their lower halves is insanely limited, if not ignored, and their robes never actually SHOW legs, they are only imply feet which do nothing but add to their façade. 'Tallest' is then really implying quite literal 'Higher'archy, a way of making it completely obvious that they outrank all other Irken, they are 'Above Them'. This may also be an illusion for the sake of power, that in their culture, over time their nobility has brainwashed everyone into THINKING they have grown that way, that they are naturally born into their position of greatness, when really it is just another way of keeping them from uprising, they couldn't be in charge, they aren't tall enough.

    25 napja

    There actually exists the possibility that he was selling his tech to Irkins. Hence, why they use his operating systems. Perhaps, he wanted to keep the existence of his most profitable party a secret

  82. Bwinkz90 00
    Bwinkz90 00
    25 napja

    "Pulling a dab.. uhh, I, uhh, mean.. Dib!" 🤘🏼

  83. jonathan mello
    jonathan mello
    25 napja

    lol I named my son Zim!! no joke! his first dogs name will be Ger!!

  84. Anthony Alexander
    Anthony Alexander
    25 napja

    Also he has super speed see how fast he got to him

  85. Lemmonhead Lemmon
    Lemmonhead Lemmon
    25 napja

    You never said anything about the super jump in the world peace thing

  86. Malevolent Snow
    Malevolent Snow
    25 napja

    Isn’t this like the most well known theory of Zim?

  87. Elsa Österberg
    Elsa Österberg
    25 napja

    So it's kinda like invincible minus some gore?

  88. your local crack head
    your local crack head
    25 napja

    My head hurts 😢

  89. Kayla DoesVA
    Kayla DoesVA
    25 napja

    Oh actually! In a reading of a script, they explain while Zim was on trial that he was the one who killed the other Tallest. However Membrane has a ton of cybernetic enhancements. He could have made himself taller since the irken see it as a form of power

  90. P- Street
    P- Street
    25 napja

    no but for real though. why does Grrr eat?

  91. Bass Beans
    Bass Beans
    25 napja

    12:07 why does that sound like morty

  92. Butt Cheek
    Butt Cheek
    26 napja

    matt would probs be good at gas lightig

  93. James Park
    James Park
    26 napja

    A cartoon masterpiece, we were so fortunate for these shows growing up... IMAGINE THIS... An Invader Zim REBOOT!!! 😁😁😁

  94. Denzay
    26 napja

    it is a crime this show did not run longer

  95. whuspr
    26 napja

    His father is like Samuel Hayden from Doom... Or, is Samuel Hayden like Dib's father?

    1. whuspr
      26 napja

      combined with Mark Zuckerberg and Omni-Man

  96. Sean O'Donnell
    Sean O'Donnell
    26 napja

    If you watch the show, almost every point is explained.

  97. Patrick Frerking
    Patrick Frerking
    26 napja

    I'm pretty sure there was an episode where it showed that the "tallest" aliens were just shown to be suits. They are not really that tall. In fact they the same size as the other aliens. But, if I remember correctly they didn't let the rest of the other aliens know they were suits for fear of rebellion. So I don't think the height thing has anything to do with the dad being alien.

  98. Jamie
    26 napja

    How did I miss this episode!!! I love Invader Zim!

  99. UnityTrap
    26 napja

    among us?

  100. Norma Harlean
    Norma Harlean
    26 napja

    all i have to say is, “¿like, der?”kinda almost like twenty years late to the endless ‘...huduh...” partay... best of all mini moose welcomes us all and loves everyone ;3 *~* mini moose is love *~*