Film Theory: The Minions in Minions AREN'T MINIONS!

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What IS a Minion? That was the question I started with when working on this theory. I wanted to REALLY understand these little guys, so I started searching the movies for information. Well Theorists, I found more that I expected buried in the Minions and Despicable Me movies. A LOT more. So much that I can definitely say that the Minions in the movies are NOT Minions. You'll have to watch to find out WHY!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Mark Hofmeyer
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Forrest Lee, and Dan "Cybert" Seibert
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Rakoon
    42 perccel

    I feel like this is something people are fine with him ruining.

  2. Block squadmotion
    Block squadmotion
    3 órája

    They used fartguns

  3. Nip K
    Nip K
    4 órája

    So would you say minions are more like tardigrades or more like Mr. Meeseek...

  4. giovana gouveia
    giovana gouveia
    7 órája

    why tf they all wear glasses?

  5. • Dust-Bunni •
    • Dust-Bunni •
    8 órája

    this might be true but we know that the ones we follow in th 3rd movie are real cause they were apart of the 230

    1. • Dust-Bunni •
      • Dust-Bunni •
      8 órája

      wait was it in minons 3?

  6. HurricaneplaysRoblox
    13 órája

    yes it is a theory how i am everywhere

  7. Carol Harrison
    Carol Harrison
    19 órája

    I don't really believe this

  8. Emma Hadfield
    Emma Hadfield
    19 órája

    Plz do one on on luka

    22 órája

    It was a meme

  10. Random Stuff
    Random Stuff
    22 órája

    Fun fact: In Orlando Universal Resort, there's a 4D minion ride and the theme is based on using a device that can turn you into a minion and has the option to turn you back into a human

  11. HereWeGo Again
    HereWeGo Again

    His son is 2 years old already wtf

  12. sue smith
    sue smith

    when you said that minions can fart you was wrong they had fart guns i know it i have watched it before all the time!!

  13. dhruv

    minions are very imortal they can be living in any where just like water bear water bear has an hole so maeb the real minions are water ear film theory wont see this

  14. TotallyNotKapi

    The biggest cap is THIS VIDEO

  15. 2021 P5A 04 CHAN LOK HAY HAYDEN

    ‘minions aren’t minions’ the floor is not made out of floor bro.

  16. Carolyn Moore
    Carolyn Moore
    2 napja

    minions from minions are not minions but minions but are also minions

  17. TheZipperDragon
    2 napja

    I feel like Mathew pathew is evil enough to get himself a couple of yellow pills with glasses.

  18. King Bob
    King Bob
    2 napja

    11:29 Hey look its me! #KingBob

  19. Chloe Franklin
    Chloe Franklin
    3 napja

    Yeah I definitely knew Gru wasn’t his first name. Pfft…

  20. Star Maceda
    Star Maceda
    3 napja

    But there's a problem what is grou dies who's ganna be the next villain

  21. Jia Xing Li
    Jia Xing Li
    3 napja

    ... how I did I guess

  22. Dinodude01
    3 napja

    Soooooooooo minions are immortal?

  23. Irving Wiley
    Irving Wiley
    3 napja

    The profuse way partially drain because muscle fourthly scold with a adhesive occupation. married, faded grain

  24. tuzelity dance
    tuzelity dance
    3 napja


  25. taco facefart
    taco facefart
    4 napja


  26. Punykirby
    5 napja

    My only problem is how do we know the mutated minions WERENT apart of the original 230? The only minions we know for a fact apart of the original 230 is Bob , Chris, Dave, Eric ,Henry ,Kevin ,Norbert, Stuart, Tom and Tony, that leaves 220 unnamed, those of which could had been infected Its been awhile since I watched the second movie but I believe one of the name 10 originals was infected, I think it was Bob or Stuart

  27. Maryam The Snek
    Maryam The Snek
    5 napja

    We'll find out more in the new Minons movie rise of Gru in 2022

  28. Antonio Zurita
    Antonio Zurita
    5 napja

    Do they stop being minions by being clones?

  29. Chara Violet
    Chara Violet
    5 napja

    So they ARE all minions, it's just some of them are clones. Therefore identical to the original minions, just there's more of them. (Not counting any possible human ones, I guess)

  30. NoiseHERO
    6 napja

    This wasn’t aggressively obvious????

  31. Ashley Digilio
    Ashley Digilio
    6 napja

    Please please please do one on how much money is in the mountain of Erebor from the hobbit

  32. Loxify
    8 napja

    *Oh my god* …

  33. Nathan Israel
    Nathan Israel
    8 napja

    Sign me up!!I'll join

  34. David Ricardo Eustaquio
    David Ricardo Eustaquio
    8 napja


  35. Lia Prahl
    Lia Prahl
    8 napja

    You are a great father. Never stop being you. We love it.

  36. Choas Axolotl
    Choas Axolotl
    8 napja

    Me seeing the title: AMONG SUS

    1. Choas Axolotl
      Choas Axolotl
      8 napja

      Among us

  37. X Jake Jk X
    X Jake Jk X
    8 napja

    The title got me confused asf

  38. Falayalaralfali
    8 napja

    Overlord called it wants its minions back... Brown minions, red minions, green minions, and my favorite the blue minions, the only ones who don't drown pathetically. If you don't get it don't ask

  39. Tindra Bridges
    Tindra Bridges
    8 napja

    Or Gru found out how to create minions buy there DNA and just made more through science..

  40. Lex Caesar Manikan Jr
    Lex Caesar Manikan Jr
    8 napja

    Are you insane, why did you count them.

  41. MCShining
    10 napja

    If the minons not a minions what is a minions then?

  42. Paige Castillo Guerrero
    Paige Castillo Guerrero
    10 napja


  43. CHOW ZHE YI Moe
    10 napja

    You know gru kids might get the minions and be a hero right?

  44. Creative 8D
    Creative 8D
    11 napja

    I hate you matpat How dare you steal my theory My video got deleted by YT because “I STOLE IT” And my channel got deleted >:(

  45. Not Ridley
    Not Ridley
    11 napja

    How GOOD was Matpat ACTUALLY?

  46. Chase Winchester
    Chase Winchester
    11 napja

    Half of the comments be like: AWWWW HE CALLS HIS SON BEAN

  47. JamieExists
    11 napja

    i refuse to believe that mattpat's child is already 2. i swear, just yesterday stephanie was still pregnant with him

  48. Jeremiah Bristow
    Jeremiah Bristow
    11 napja

    There was Homeward Bound! That was a GREAT movie! that was also based on real events.

  49. Hafsa Noor Abida nasrin
    Hafsa Noor Abida nasrin
    11 napja

    they have an even sadder and darker it up!

  50. Frost Gaming
    Frost Gaming
    11 napja

    nobody: litteraly nobody: Matapat: i make theorys use science to break them and use the theorys to break science me: wtf

  51. Aeir Crown
    Aeir Crown
    12 napja

    are we gonna gloss over the fact matpat steal a minion on a Mr beast video for his son?

  52. Nolan's world
    Nolan's world
    12 napja

    So we here that matpat calls his son as a nickname Bean. So does that mean that if his son gets a HUpac channel he's going to call it like bean vlogs or something

  53. Tfnafplayer2
    12 napja

    Mrbeat: here is 100000$ worth of minions murch

  54. Child_Chomper
    12 napja

    nah man, gru just fucked them all

  55. jhon cena
    jhon cena
    12 napja

    wait YOU HAVE A SON!

  56. Pepper_EXE
    12 napja

    Can we talk abt the Fact that when matpat gave his son the minion he called him bean...that made me smile

  57. Navy Norris
    Navy Norris
    12 napja

    I love all your theories Matt don’t listen to the haters they are just jealous of your success never give up:)

  58. Nicholas Johnston
    Nicholas Johnston
    12 napja

    Or they just cloned themselves once they realized they needed more help

  59. RiverPlays
    12 napja

    The minions aren’t minions that doesn’t really make sense and also him calling his son bean is frickin adorable

  60. Kalani is cracked
    Kalani is cracked
    13 napja

    It was so cute when he said “we got you some minions!”

  61. Dark
    13 napja

    9.99m subs sooooo close

  62. Aisha Bobbi
    Aisha Bobbi
    13 napja

    The rebel poet pharmacokinetically continue because tuna climatologically bang underneath a obeisant ghost. oval, wakeful japanese

  63. Raquel Jackson
    Raquel Jackson
    13 napja

    Gru's acscent is so iconic! I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!!! Especially when he says "I wIlL sTuFf yOu aLl iN zE cRuSt!!!"

  64. Olls84
    13 napja

    "It's all of us who will be forced to serve them." Yeeeaaah suuuuure, because 10,000 Minions will tooootally be able to command 10B Humans.

  65. SansShow Gamecore
    SansShow Gamecore
    14 napja

    Also, i think they have evolutionary remnants from their cell stage, since some of them can glow in the dark when shaked, and can also produce light when electrocuted, as seen on the movies

  66. Seamus Wellen
    Seamus Wellen
    14 napja


  67. PlzEndR34...BcuzMyEyesCantTakeItAnymore
    14 napja

    "Aww man, they're human again!" If u can tell me where thats from then ur awesome =|]

  68. a random customizer
    a random customizer
    14 napja

    I watched the minion movie and I heard half Spanish half minion

  69. Robert Ryan Mallare
    Robert Ryan Mallare
    14 napja

    NOOOOO the minion are humans NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  70. Gaby Rangel
    Gaby Rangel
    15 napja

    queen Queen

  71. marcus the epic gamer
    marcus the epic gamer
    15 napja

    Rip minion in title screen reply and put f to pay respect

    1. marcus the epic gamer
      marcus the epic gamer
      15 napja


  72. The Void Cult Boi
    The Void Cult Boi
    15 napja

    I predict he'll mention that Despicable Me thing at Universal Studios. They at least used to have some uh ride? Dunno what you called that experience but it supposedly made you a minion. I'll edit when he either mentions it or the video ends. Edit: He mentioned it, it wasn't right but still it's brought up

  73. 𝓗𝓸𝔂
    15 napja

    Minions is not a yellow color but minion is a green and red color through the phone and PC and other devices every time we see green and red mixed together and looks like yellow but our brain gets tricked obviously

  74. lolDude19
    15 napja

    i like the og minions more than the clone

  75. Lucas LaFollette
    Lucas LaFollette
    16 napja

    Lol I love the minions they are so funny😆

  76. The Coin jar
    The Coin jar
    16 napja

    If you think about it it’s is very likely the minions were involved in both world wars in their universe

  77. Jim Pickens
    Jim Pickens
    16 napja

    fun fact: when i was a baby i called minions yellow cheese

  78. I I
    I I
    17 napja

    i don’t think matpat understand what fiction mean

  79. Kong
    17 napja

    What if I told you that absolutely *A N Y T H I N G* can be a minion so long as they work for a villian

  80. lunatic cultist
    lunatic cultist
    17 napja


  81. savage me
    savage me
    17 napja

    The versed digital adventitiously spoil because clarinet intralysosomally practise atop a fabulous magazine. ignorant, fabulous cultivator

  82. Grant Krieger
    Grant Krieger
    17 napja

    You call your son bean that's so cute

  83. Erica Scott
    Erica Scott
    18 napja

    But what if the Minions asexually reproduce?

  84. Liam Rankin
    Liam Rankin
    18 napja

    WAIT STOP NOW!... 11:18 UMMM... IF IT WAS 1968 to 2010 GRU'S 12!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Dominic Lalama
    Dominic Lalama
    18 napja

    They also outright say that they are clones in orientation day.

  86. Carly-Ann Mitchell
    Carly-Ann Mitchell
    18 napja

    This is definately the correct theory 😥

  87. Carl Sean Paul Timola
    Carl Sean Paul Timola
    18 napja

    Wait What if he turned himself imortal?

  88. Carl Sean Paul Timola
    Carl Sean Paul Timola
    18 napja

    They literally dont have a nose

  89. R F W
    R F W
    18 napja

    This theory will be backed up by the new movie the rise of gru so maybe you might want to make a part 2 of this theory maybe not.

  90. william house
    william house
    19 napja

    Imposter minion that's kinda sus

  91. iiSunset RiversYTii
    iiSunset RiversYTii
    19 napja

    or it could be like some unicellular cells reproduce binary fission but instead of a nucleus its their brain then this would explain their stupidity

  92. Darksorin
    19 napja

    World theory: The Humans in Terra AREN'T HUMANS!

  93. Militant Pacifist
    Militant Pacifist
    20 napja

    My mom calls them “Twinkies”. 😂

  94. I Draw Long Sharp Teeth
    I Draw Long Sharp Teeth
    20 napja

    Matpat: The Minions have a secret!!!! Me: Wait.... Despicable Me and The Secret Life of Pets ARE IN THE SAME UNIVERSE?!?!?!😱😱😱

  95. The Shroomfruit Channel
    The Shroomfruit Channel
    20 napja

    I have descended into madness

  96. Kurt Adriele
    Kurt Adriele
    20 napja

    What 😳

  97. Cool Brickz
    Cool Brickz
    21 napja

    Why can’t the minions just die. #IHATETHEMINONS

  98. Jack Ellis
    Jack Ellis
    21 napja

    Dude, if the minions are robots, I really hope that despicable me is a prequel to “Halloween 3: Season Of The Witch” and Gru is a younger Conal Cochran

  99. Tayseer Alnabelsi
    Tayseer Alnabelsi
    21 napja