Film Theory: The Godzilla vs Kong They DIDN'T Want You To See!

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What if I told you there was a Snyder cut of Godzilla vs Kong? Theorists, Zack Snyder does not have his own version of this movie, but I believe there is a LOST CUT. That's right. Somewhere out there is a version of this movie that NO ONE was allowed to see. Today, I'm going to crack open the vault on the Godzilla vs Kong movie we SHOULD have gotten but likely never will. Let's go!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, and Pedro Freitas
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Kjon 147
    Kjon 147
    7 órája

    Matpat read the book you'll understand everything once you've done it

  2. InvisibleLime

    E e e e e e. E e e e e. E e. E e e. E

  3. Dakota
    3 napja

    Except you didn't, your theory was completely off from the actual story. You said you thought mecha Godzilla was disguised as Godzilla, and that's why he was rampaging, NOT AT ALL what happened.

    1. Dakota
      3 napja

      This isn't including your theory on the history of kong v Godzilla, which again, you were wrong about. You said that THEY had fought before, not his ancestors.

  4. Randomyoutubeuser 3
    Randomyoutubeuser 3
    4 napja

    The real question is how did they get the gidorah skull if gidorah was turned into ashes including its bones in the last movie

  5. MasterCode3000
    4 napja

    And there's many more monsters they could use like that alien godzilla the one thats pure and blue or whatever and maybe that turtle monster with the spike tail or that one with the pin nose and claws.

  6. MasterCode3000
    4 napja

    I would love a 5 hour version for home release in maybe a year or two.

  7. Jordan Ashe
    Jordan Ashe
    5 napja

    So... What happened to the third skull?

  8. The corner
    The corner
    6 napja

    Why does Mechagodzilla pilotLook like Elon musk

  9. Ian Silario
    Ian Silario
    7 napja

    King ghidorah was actually a co-pilot to help the human and the movie already proved it so what can you say

  10. WitheredBonnieGamer_1987
    7 napja

    Except mechagodzilla is actually the ghidorah head named Kevin

  11. Skooby YT
    Skooby YT
    7 napja

    Was the beginning a parody of burning questions from vat19?

  12. Raul Herrera
    Raul Herrera
    7 napja

    What is with MatPat and the Diet Coke

  13. Arham Majid
    Arham Majid
    8 napja

    Monke monke rawr rawr mooooonke rawr monke

  14. Toni pro Goreta
    Toni pro Goreta
    10 napja

    Realy good theory

  15. Cooper Peters
    Cooper Peters
    10 napja

    It's called Mechani-Kong and Mecha King-Ghidorah

  16. Mechagodzilla630
    11 napja

    Did you get everything right tho

  17. GTArajgaming
    11 napja

    more than anything I thought ren was wasted, his dad (even in the original gojira) wasn't THAT important (in the original he wasn't important until the last 5 minutes with the oxygen destroyer) but overall the mecha godzilla coming to life via possession is a call back AND a plot point to godzilla against mechagodzilla where scientists use the original godzilla's bones (from the 1954 movie) as a base for mecha godzilla, after hearing godzilla's roar the memory within the bones causing the mechagodzilla to be possessed by the original 1954 godzilla and thus it goes on a rampage

  18. Shachar Lem
    Shachar Lem
    11 napja

    "Now possessed by Ghidorah's consciousness, Mechagodzilla kills Walter, electrocutes Ren, and then attacks Hong Kong." This line is from the Wikipedia page of Godzilla vs Kong.

  19. Henry Nash
    Henry Nash
    11 napja

    Shut up

  20. Diego Animations
    Diego Animations
    12 napja

    Matt mechagodzilla is keven

  21. BabyGodzilla2014
    12 napja

    11:23 THAT IS A LIE!! But you do know that Godzilla versus Congress was meant to be the last film in the monsterverse right?

  22. Felix McKinney
    Felix McKinney
    12 napja

    Wait what? You got it right!? Bruh. Godzilla wasn’t mecha Godzilla.

  23. Jaime Lacson
    Jaime Lacson
    12 napja

    is kevin head

  24. Weeklongwind 647
    Weeklongwind 647
    12 napja

    Btw the reason they left a few parts out is cus so that it can be less human parts and they will put all that info in there comic books.

  25. NonSensePlaysRoblox
    13 napja


  26. D_Gamer
    13 napja

    Actually their theory is accurate except for one thing. One of their theories in the idea is The Godzilla who is fighting Kong is Mechagodzilla but in the movie, its not.

  27. Simple Viewer
    Simple Viewer
    13 napja

    Matpat: umm SHUT UP ITS A GODZILLA MOVIE Godzilla fans: *happy godzilla noises* Kong fans: *sad kong noises*

  28. Vhan Chua
    Vhan Chua
    13 napja

    Before you congratulate yourself too much, I feel like majority of the fanbase who knew about the existence of Mecha Godzilla probably figured out how the movie will end. Lol.

  29. Monica Mowery
    Monica Mowery
    13 napja

    Your first theory was mostly correct, but in the trailer, the Godzilla was real and attacked the city because Mechagodzilla was being built because there can only be one alpha titan and same reason for why they attacked Kong.

  30. RioluGaming 50
    RioluGaming 50
    14 napja

    Matpat: I got it spot on Matpat in the first theory on gvk: ITS MECHAGODZILLA IN DISGUISE

  31. Rachel Cordrey
    Rachel Cordrey
    14 napja


  32. Johann Mercado
    Johann Mercado
    14 napja

    I wacth godzilla vs kong 5 times

  33. Kermit
    14 napja

    Monke rawr

  34. KillamriX98
    15 napja

    Not gonna lie, the actual Godzilla vs Kong parts of the movie were really good... but almost everything else was baaaaaaaad. The more time passes, the more I think that.

  35. The Whirl Channel
    The Whirl Channel
    16 napja


  36. Sphere
    16 napja


  37. NGTRPG
    17 napja

    Giant lizard with laser versus big monke with axe

  38. NGTRPG
    17 napja

    Big monke

  39. Trever Belmont
    Trever Belmont
    17 napja

    Why don't we get to see this version #relese the extended cut

  40. Kong
    17 napja

    Hey matpat, How many Gojiras could be roaming around? When 54 dies, another one crops up and fights Anguirus. The 70s and 90s Gojis are also seen with offspring. And that's not counting the 98 Jira (Zilla) and her dozens of offspring.

  41. RAPID TQNK 3
    17 napja

    I would’ve watched a five hour Monsterverse movie

  42. The Protagonist
    The Protagonist
    17 napja

    How would ren be possessed by chi Doran if ghidorah has already possessed mecha G

  43. Cyanogenflames
    18 napja

    Apex more like apex legends

  44. Micah Birdlover
    Micah Birdlover
    18 napja

    do Pete's dragon theory 🙏

  45. Mr. Dsb
    Mr. Dsb
    18 napja

    Typical warner brothers move. Now let's not start "release the full cut" or something

  46. Elijah Jiao
    Elijah Jiao
    18 napja

    i am still bummed kong loses

  47. Ranveer Angrish
    Ranveer Angrish
    19 napja

    You said kong wowed godzila wowed

  48. Some random guy who loves AOT
    Some random guy who loves AOT
    19 napja

    I think that's nice the way it is. come on guys how can a titan possess a human but hey maybe in the next Godzilla movie Serizawa's son may be possessed who knows

  49. Paiige Shafe
    Paiige Shafe
    19 napja

    Monke monke rawr rawr rawr monke rawr rawr rawr rawr

  50. Obonukie for hire
    Obonukie for hire
    20 napja

    or before

  51. Obonukie for hire
    Obonukie for hire
    20 napja

    he got confused, mecha godzilla never actually left monarchs base, he was acting weird because of the skull crawlers there

  52. Spades B
    Spades B
    20 napja

    My class got to see the movie, on the bus back every one was chanting M O N K E. And I said that the one who won the battle was alcohol, if it wasn’t for alcohol mechagodzila couldn’t have been stunned long enough for Kong and Godzilla to beat it.

  53. Fiveraptor7793
    21 napja

    The ending we need hishe

  54. 349 miX
    349 miX
    21 napja

    I hope never Toast vs superintelligec

  55. Louise Young
    Louise Young
    22 napja

    You know ghidorahs head have names the left one is ni the middle is ichi and the right is kevin

    1. Louise Young
      Louise Young
      22 napja

      Aka the severed head

  56. Carole Bowles
    Carole Bowles
    23 napja

    My brother is on team Kong and I'm on team godzilla

    1. Someone on the internet
      Someone on the internet
      23 napja

      I’m on team Godzilla I just got a Godzilla funko

  57. chris culbertson
    chris culbertson
    23 napja

    I just finally got to watch it and I was quite satisfied with the showing my giant nuke lizard got. Mmph.

  58. Amy Meneses
    Amy Meneses
    24 napja

    Theres probably more godzilla in the movie bc of the first movie that mechagodzilla was shown Mechgodzilla vs godzilla Godzilla 1954 vs godzilla 1974

  59. Nicholas Thomas-Clark
    Nicholas Thomas-Clark
    24 napja

    i like kong

  60. kangourouuu1
    24 napja

    That intro segment reminds me of Duke Amiel du H'ardcore. Truly inspiring.

  61. Dominique Evans
    Dominique Evans
    25 napja

    you shoud do predator

  62. Emiliano Salazar
    Emiliano Salazar
    26 napja


  63. Brendan Roehrig
    Brendan Roehrig
    27 napja

    yes they should have made it this

  64. Kubal Cain
    Kubal Cain
    28 napja

    Monkey monkey monkey mooooo

  65. wayne berry
    wayne berry
    29 napja

    We got an applause in our movie session. I wanted to spew. We destroy robot with bit of liquid on circuit board... aaaaaaand it's over

  66. Dean Bailey
    Dean Bailey
    29 napja

    I'd watch a series just doing lost cuts of movies that are better than the actual movie.

  67. Ronald Rizzo
    Ronald Rizzo
    29 napja

    Ivan R.A is right, is gidorah a re-incarnation of william Afton.

  68. Ronald Rizzo
    Ronald Rizzo
    29 napja

    topic of intrest: is Gidorah controoling mecha Godzillla or is it a totaly seperate being. Btw godzilla and kong eat too much fiber glass and glass in general.

  69. Jordy’s Junction
    Jordy’s Junction
    29 napja


  70. Jordy’s Junction
    Jordy’s Junction
    29 napja


  71. FlareKnight

    Honestly, that makes sense to me. They probably did want to play it safe with the future of the franchise uncertain. But while they aren't likely to re-add scenes and release a director's cut, I do agree they might just work some of this untold stuff into the next movie. Presuming there is one of course.

  72. Sarrah Brown
    Sarrah Brown


  73. Chaos Wolf
    Chaos Wolf

    but king Kong did lose his heart literally stopped so so you weren't completely right Godzilla actually killed him and won the fight

  74. Bacon Gamer103
    Bacon Gamer103

    . Min

  75. Bacon Gamer103
    Bacon Gamer103

    . Min

  76. Wyatt Lindeau
    Wyatt Lindeau

    Ok so 4:08 I took a screenshot and zoomed in on the phone and it says “hey zill I need your help” XD

  77. kaungkhant win
    kaungkhant win

    Film theory idea (anime): "is evangelion the greatest sci-fi anime of all???"

  78. someone has my account
    someone has my account


  79. PurplMayhem

    Film theory: Jurassic Park is a kaiju movie

  80. LoneMyth

    Apex ceo is not really a villain

  81. LoneMyth

    Novel explains all of it

  82. Anuradha

    "Stomp the like button like a titan"!!

  83. Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström

    The Pat Cut!

  84. Cosmo boy
    Cosmo boy

    Film theory idea : Same movie concept of MCU in every movie

  85. Lawrence LCTY
    Lawrence LCTY

    "A dead space dragon demonically possessed a robot via Wi-Fi"😂

  86. Tony Hou
    Tony Hou

    You have any predictions for the next Kong movie? Because I’m a huge fan of Kong.

  87. Wegogo


    1. Wegogo


  88. Davie the Capuchin Monkey
    Davie the Capuchin Monkey

    kong's ax was made out of godzilla

  89. Shibli Tahamim
    Shibli Tahamim

    Cause she laced a egg

  90. Shibli Tahamim
    Shibli Tahamim

    Did you know mortha is still alive

  91. Ma. Theresa Santos
    Ma. Theresa Santos

    I did godzilla vs kong is not the worst

  92. I Darkstar X
    I Darkstar X

    “Nobody cares about the humans in this movie” Which is why I will never enjoy these as much as I want.

  93. Maureen O'Brien
    Maureen O'Brien

    I think Mat should do a theory on Godzilla: Singular Point once it comes to Netflix in the US, there’s so much he could talk about.

  94. Steven Kasten
    Steven Kasten

    I was hoping for a space Godzilla scene at the end

  95. Knight Wing
    Knight Wing

    I love this channel and his clothes pin nose voice.

  96. laife

    something tells me serizawa jr doesnt talk much is cause oguri shuns quite obvious japanese accent

  97. denzel gregoire
    denzel gregoire

    The lively balinese astonishingly concern because baker acromegaly describe in a maddening mayonnaise. rightful, secretive beginner

  98. The Unsolved Mystery
    The Unsolved Mystery

    monkeeeeee raaaarrrrrr!!!!!!!

  99. Infamous Ginger
    Infamous Ginger

    I had the same freaking theory

  100. Patrick Di Maio
    Patrick Di Maio

    Film theory Question: How long can you stay under water inside a box