Film Theory: Did Scar EAT Mufasa? (The Lion King)

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Last time I talked about the Lion King, we were seeing just how big the body count was for this beloved Disney movie and sayong Scar was the rightful king. WEll, we are leaning into that even HARDER this time! Today, I want to talk about the sibling rivalry to end all sibling rivalries - Scar and Mufasa. Theorists, lions are a very, VERY interesting animal. I think that Scar ATE Mufasa after the stampede. You'll have to watch to find out WHY!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Bob Chipman
Editors: Forrest Lee, Koen Verhagen, and Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Livron Arojo
    Livron Arojo
    56 perccel

    Tiktok: makes a theory Matpat: imma end this guy's whole career

  2. Caden Hyde
    Caden Hyde
    2 órája

    10:42 *DOOM intensifies*

  3. Bryan Alonso
    Bryan Alonso
    3 órája

    Go to the source and ask the creators

  4. Krist Paul Melegrito
    Krist Paul Melegrito
    17 órája

    D \ D /

  5. Asma Sarwar
    Asma Sarwar
    19 órája

    . They do not prefer eating other predators' meat. Unless if they are in absolutely desperate times. Another reason why lions do not eat other lions is that they do not provide enough energy.

  6. Asma Sarwar
    Asma Sarwar
    19 órája

    Do hyenas eat dead lions? . Commonly known as scavenging animals, hyenas eat dead organisms. Yet, hyenas are hunters as well, and they hunt about 80% of their prey.

  7. EnderNarutoGaming

    Congratulations for 10M!!!!!!!

  8. Suvan

    7:45 wait didn’t we see that the kingdom was doing very bad and going through dark times, it’s like they were in desperate times to eat another lion? 9:15 also wasn’t scar kinda a rival of Mufasa

  9. Chester Jon Agan
    Chester Jon Agan

    my brother makes tik tok abaot ml his foviriet game

  10. Jayla Kilson
    Jayla Kilson

    "That's why you don't believe Disney movies or TikTokers" such a weird thing to say about TikTok makers once you consider that people have said similar things about HUpacrs. I think anyone on any platform can make good points if their arguments are based in fact lol. If those arguments aren't factual, discuss that, but don't invalidate the entirety of content on the platform. Seems weird and somewhat outdated thinking to me

  11. shadow the hedgehog
    shadow the hedgehog

    Mat:gasp* does that mean ???:tik tok did it tik tok already did it

  12. sniper anime Mvita
    sniper anime Mvita

    Your crazy

  13. czech ball
    czech ball

    Thank you film theory for making this video I was wondering this omg

  14. Charl Loubser
    Charl Loubser

    So funny thing... Scar doesn't eat Mufasa, the hyenas ate him Scar just plays with his skull

  15. Yxng Snoodle
    Yxng Snoodle
    2 napja

    Also when simba comes back at the end, doesn’t scar say something like “mufasa I thought you were dead” and if scar had eaten him, he wouldn’t even think that it could’ve been mufasa, as he’d have eaten him

  16. Una Broady-Davis
    Una Broady-Davis
    2 napja

    I completely agree with MatPat on this theory but... I'm just a little skeptical because this video was posted on April Fool's Day....

  17. MarshPlayz
    2 napja

    U saw the tik tok and then u came here for further clarification right

  18. Frosty box
    Frosty box
    2 napja

    hello im new but didn't the hyenas eat scar too sowe already know that hyenas eat lions so they eated Mufasa and scar

  19. Pratima Heisnam
    Pratima Heisnam
    3 napja

    I search that but Google say like this. "lions don't eat other lions"

  20. OnyxTh3Ripqer
    3 napja

    The skull is simply too small. Lions do have a lot of fur and skin, but their skulls aren't small enough to be held by the claws of another lion. That's just not possible. (Or if maybe it was just a lion cub the hyenas ate?) (OR- the body might have been taken away and buried (or left there) against Scar's orders.)

  21. OnyxTh3Ripqer
    3 napja

    1:28 That actually says "Maypat". Maypat is Matpat in another runiverse. The genderswap.

  22. Stranger
    3 napja

    Lol he just kept on adding weight

  23. Angie Thompson
    Angie Thompson
    3 napja

    petition: Matthew makes the fourth theory channel to rate other theories.

  24. Abigail Tardanico
    Abigail Tardanico
    3 napja

    Didn't scar die to and if he ate his brother car died who ate him

  25. Dinodude01
    3 napja

    Ama debunk this tiktokers whole theory

  26. FIshyPlayz
    4 napja

    speaking of 10m you have 10m

  27. CthulhuianBunny
    4 napja

    As soon as I saw the thumbnail I thought "Yeah... no. That's a baboon skull."

  28. BatRex
    4 napja

    Another prove that make me for sure tiktokers just post anything for views and they are kind of dumb

  29. Xmarksthebeauty XOforlife010
    Xmarksthebeauty XOforlife010
    4 napja

    this just goes to show i get convinced quick XD

  30. Janrick Gabriel Rapsing Santos
    Janrick Gabriel Rapsing Santos
    5 napja


  31. Samuel Ross
    Samuel Ross
    5 napja

    Oh my goodness thank you, I watched the TikTok and it pissed me off how wrong they were and everyone in the comments is like “lion king is ruined” uhhhh I’m glad someone could use their brain and see how ridiculous this is.

  32. Kyo
    5 napja

    Bro it’s a Disney movie not real life scar could’ve been hungry and ate him

    5 napja

    And I hate I hate I hate tik tok

  34. xXMilliePlaysXx
    5 napja

    Since that was probably a baboon skull could that mean that Scar ate one of Rafiki’s relatives?

    5 napja

    And my Disney store plushies and Lion King Broadway 🎭 Scar Mask and plushie

    5 napja

    And my figurine of him is beautiful Both my handmade air dry clay figurines And my Walt Disney classics collection Jim shore Disney traditions and my classic old old ceramic figurine of him

    5 napja

    I’m not sorry

    5 napja

    And he’s everybody’s favourite Disney Villain And he’s a borderline transvestite Frank N Furter Impersonator And personally I wouldn’t have him any other way Jeremy irons scar is MY SCAR Chiwetels was abysmal

  39. Jeff Dollaz
    Jeff Dollaz
    5 napja

    Baboon skull

  40. Dusty Durant
    Dusty Durant
    6 napja

    It's is actually unclear if scar did or not eat mufasa I'm mean if it was contrary part of that scene when scar is looking at skull of what could be mufasa head or it could be the head of another lion that scar could have known

  41. Stacy 1091
    Stacy 1091
    6 napja

    I think it's just an Easter egg referring to the Hamlet. You know, the skull scene.

  42. kitty icecream
    kitty icecream
    6 napja

    I had to send this to me friend

  43. Diaval X
    Diaval X
    6 napja

    Well, Hyenas do you eat the baby lion but usually do not attack adult lions. But when they do they will hunt in larger packs. The rogue lions will eat other lions only baby lions

  44. Victoria Scott Home
    Victoria Scott Home
    6 napja

    Umm… that’s a baboon skull, and, based on the fact this show was created because of Hamlet, it’s likely the skull of his jester.

  45. Ana Noe
    Ana Noe
    6 napja

    the skull that scar was holding was a baboon skull

  46. Corie del Rio
    Corie del Rio
    6 napja

    PLEASE PLEASE take a crack at “The Lion Guard”! Where was Kion during that sequel ? How does the whole scar poison thing work? Dude this show is both immature and incredibly dark! Blindings, evil ghosts, rage inducing snake bites, and circle of life fueled superpowers. Soooo much to unpack!!!

  47. Ember Productions
    Ember Productions
    6 napja

    Out of all the sins Scar had committed, at least cannibalism wasn’t on the list.

  48. Ytbvdshrtnr
    6 napja

    0:31 They're over the 10 million subscriber mark now so people can start unsubscribing if they want

  49. Lawrence Ghartey
    Lawrence Ghartey
    6 napja

    I love this guy he not only has great theories but he is real funny

  50. Neielvaughn Tagulao
    Neielvaughn Tagulao
    6 napja

    Tiktok: *does a theory and claims it's true* Matpat: ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT🤔

  51. Glam girl
    Glam girl
    7 napja

    Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeat bruh haa lol

  52. RedFoxx
    7 napja

    Omg it gets darker when MatPat put it this way..

  53. Tiger Rose
    Tiger Rose
    7 napja

    I feel like this theory was made to shock people rather than made as an actual theory

  54. Amir Mehraban
    Amir Mehraban
    7 napja

    But why did hyenas eat scar at end

  55. Jessica Dias
    Jessica Dias
    7 napja

    Alright guys, Here we go sorry to do this. But look at the skull and the comparative pictures at 3:48. Look at the brow ridge above the eye sockets then look at the comparative lion's skull. Felines don't have a brow ridge like that, primates do. Lions also don't have flattened molars. Primates do. That's a baboon skull

  56. Der Flamingo
    Der Flamingo
    7 napja

    If you dont consider the ,,its not a lion skull" bit, you have to keep in mind: lions are just animals with no connection to their victims, but Scar is one of the most evil Characters of Disney and kinda hated Mufasa. I don't think he would let anyone eat him, besides himself, just out of pure spite. Scar would be probably the most brutal Villain in Disney History

  57. Galit Aral
    Galit Aral
    7 napja

    Also the skull is also the skull is the same size of scar

  58. KeithTotally
    8 napja

    the fact that this was originally from a tiktok and Matpat saw it-

  59. Caleb Alstot
    Caleb Alstot
    8 napja

    Scar EAT Mufasa

  60. Steve Preston
    Steve Preston
    8 napja

    What if Scar ate Rafiki's relative or something?

  61. Fidget Fun
    Fidget Fun
    8 napja

    Any Peppa pig theory pls 😊

  62. ytdszeaz1234
    8 napja

    tiktok: imma cross the theory line whats the worst that could happe- matpat: GET DEBUNKED ON

  63. Digonto Rashid
    Digonto Rashid
    8 napja

    Here's a theory I've been thinking about for a while and I'm sure you can answer it, in super Mario 64 is the 3rd ball you find on the 2nd mission of bob-omb battle field actually the corpse of king bob-omb?

  64. A axolotl
    A axolotl
    8 napja

    The actual most popular movie is jurassic world

  65. Rob Stahl
    Rob Stahl
    9 napja

    Yes completely makes sense OMG

  66. The guardian's lair
    The guardian's lair
    9 napja

    Short answer: No, that's a baboon skull

  67. Easten Morton
    Easten Morton
    9 napja

    Dude where not in science class

  68. freddy krueger
    freddy krueger
    9 napja

    It's a baboon skull!! I looked it up and they match.

  69. Dhdjddn Dndndnd
    Dhdjddn Dndndnd
    9 napja

    The Film Theorists The Film Theorists The Film Theorists

  70. brentithecutiejk idk
    brentithecutiejk idk
    9 napja


  71. Cullen McCarten
    Cullen McCarten
    9 napja

    It said " Cullen is king "

  72. ImMaisuradze
    9 napja

    Bruh theres one more evidence that hyena will eat lion, so in the end when simba defeats scar he throws him down and then hyenas appear and eat him

  73. Cláudia Duarte
    Cláudia Duarte
    9 napja

    "Simba, quando morremos, o nosso corpo transforma-se em erva. E os antílopes comem a erva. E assim, estamos todos ligados, no grande ciclo da vida." - faz soar alguma coisa?!! O Mufasa tornou-se parte do Ciclo da Vida! O seu corpo sumiu naturalmente! Levaram vários anos para que o Simba crescesse!! O que significa que, por essa altura, o cadáver do seu pai estivesse reduzido a ossos. Se, por acaso, a caveira que o Scar estava a segurar pertencesse ao irmão, provavelmente, ele foi buscá-la mais tarde...

  74. Cláudia Duarte
    Cláudia Duarte
    9 napja

    There is, literally, a scene in the movie where Simba and Nala run away from the hyenas to not be their “lunch”!! WTF?!

  75. Bethany Allen
    Bethany Allen
    10 napja

    In the lion king at the point you see scar with the skull it is desperate times. There is no more food in the pride lands. So that means Scar did eat his brother.

  76. Icyarm
    10 napja


  77. Charles dolling
    Charles dolling
    10 napja

    It looks like a baboon skull

    1. Charles dolling
      Charles dolling
      10 napja

      My bad didn’t watch the full video

  78. David Saylor
    David Saylor
    10 napja


  79. A F T O N_ F A M I L Y_F A N
    A F T O N_ F A M I L Y_F A N
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    And the will eat my meat

  80. A F T O N_ F A M I L Y_F A N
    A F T O N_ F A M I L Y_F A N
    10 napja

    Meat to meat the eat it

  81. Stuemler
    10 napja

    MatPat vs TikTok ⚡

  82. Øгæñgę
    10 napja

    “TikTok! You shameless!” What’s new

  83. YourMomGae
    10 napja

    I was smart as a child and thought Scar had eaten Rafeeki 👁👄👁

  84. Noorrise Noorrise
    Noorrise Noorrise
    10 napja

    It’s a movie maybe it’s fiction

  85. Dominique Reeves
    Dominique Reeves
    11 napja

    I always thought the hyenas ate him. Especially the scene when the hyenas attack Scar at the end.

  86. Elijah Flax
    Elijah Flax
    11 napja

    Legit tell my girlfriend everyday to stop listening to tik tok

  87. aishee karla j. caspe
    aishee karla j. caspe
    11 napja

    scar's holding is babb oons

  88. gacha_dark123
    11 napja

    He did

  89. Weeklongwind 647
    Weeklongwind 647
    11 napja

    1:30 nope it did not say that. It said SFX…

  90. David Zamorski
    David Zamorski
    11 napja

    still scar could have eaten mufasa the skull maybe have been old bad edit skills and you said that lions still eat other lions and scar was hungry in the movie and scars henchmen left leaving the body with scar to eats.

  91. Dillan Gutierrez
    Dillan Gutierrez
    11 napja

    It's Rick and Morty time 1:51

  92. fifipopstar
    11 napja

    what if the skull was the skull ofm that mad baboon

  93. Angel
    11 napja

    in video:wanting for 10m subs now: has 10m subs

  94. Thunderstorm
    11 napja

    A male lion will eat other females cubs to get the females in there pack.

  95. RosyThe WildFlower
    RosyThe WildFlower
    11 napja

    6:20 in less then- *ad plays*

  96. shiv1982 ooo
    shiv1982 ooo
    11 napja

    you werid

  97. Leah Crosby
    Leah Crosby
    11 napja

    “tiktok did it! tiktok did it” surprised nobody got that reference

  98. sparklejuice
    11 napja

    Had to chuckle at the Google pin drop. So random.

  99. Monique Munt
    Monique Munt
    11 napja

    Lion king is king