Film Theory: Is Spongebob a Mutant? Solving Bikini Bottom's Most Popular Theory!

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Welcome to another edition of MORTY, where I look back on old theories and see if there was anything I missed! Today, I'm taking another crack at Spongebob Squarepants himself. There was a popular theory going around about how Bikini Bottom was the result of nuclear testing. Could that be TRUE? You'll have to keep watching to find out!

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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editor: Forrest Lee and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


  1. Rusting Gold
    Rusting Gold
    12 órája

    the theory is not true however you look at it cause when they left the sea on one episode where they were teasing sandy cause she cant breathe underwater. they were natural sponge , crab , squid , squirrel , and starfish

  2. gaming whith tofu
    gaming whith tofu
    15 órája

    You do have a point but in the new movie they travel to Atlanta and there mutated to

  3. Klara Lacey shay
    Klara Lacey shay
    22 órája

    Omg I missed this so much... Been at school for 4 months and no electric gadgets allowed and I was in boarding school.

  4. Master Penguin
    Master Penguin

    I was hoping to point out that spongebobs house would go along with this theory because he lives in a big pineapple 🍍 so with radioactive testing the pineapple would have been huge

  5. pink7ig3rgaming

    How about the amazing world of gumballl theory?

  6. Random:Me

    I mean, wouldn't their perception of time matter?

  7. Jojo Plushy theater
    Jojo Plushy theater

    The map and maybe their time is slow or maybe that was when the radiation was just starting

  8. AyanXAmin

    @BombFury123 Dan povenmire said that they charge money to the unknown company

  9. imbicthboi

    spongebob is a dish sponge. explain that dummy

  10. Manuel Duran
    Manuel Duran

    Do one on how season 2 on invincible will end

  11. alex gaming
    alex gaming

    i think alex bale beat you to this one :(

  12. Merengue acnh
    Merengue acnh

    matpat could literally tell me anything at this point and id believe him I mean whats next he'll get me excited about the lore in a food delivery services ads??? oh wait...

  13. lo

    Ok it soungebobs 12 century isn't our 12th century there cave man times is probably when the nuclear testing started....

  14. seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    eye. I just wanted to see what you thought. That's all.

  15. Dimitriov Bellefountaine
    Dimitriov Bellefountaine

    Bru when he zoomed out to show the IRL bikini atol ,one of the islands looked just like the island above the city of bikini bottom

  16. Crypto NWO
    Crypto NWO

    Saw this first on Alex Bale’s channel!

    1. seeni gzty
      seeni gzty

      Alex bale

  17. Booter Scooch
    Booter Scooch
    2 napja

    I’m very passionate about bikini atoll The people of Bikini Atoll were actually moved to a much smaller island which didn’t have enough food or fish and capabilities to feed all of their people they are given $500 annually by the American government which is NOT ENOUGH FOR BEING FORCEFULLY SHOVED FROM THEIR HOMES AND FORCED TO SUFFER RADIATION POISONING!!!! when the American soldiers arrive to tell them that they were having to leave they welcome them a song and dance and we’re even singing as they dismantled their homes they thought they were doing something good little did they know they would never be able to return to their homes again and would suffer for years to come with famine, sickness, hair loss, vomiting, diarrhea, teeth falling out and all of the other disgusting side effects of radiation it was a true catastrophe

  18. Frog Queen
    Frog Queen
    2 napja

    Actually, if you look into the geography of Bikini Bottom, it’s really in boating distance to San Francisco, witch would disprove Bikini Bottom being in Bikini Atol.

  19. choppy shakur
    choppy shakur
    2 napja

    no it shows the bikini bottem millons of years ago but the nucler bombs took place in the 40s

  20. Salvacion Schimment
    Salvacion Schimment
    2 napja

    I still think the theory is true because marine life would had developed slow than real people so the spongegars time line is different then ares so that's why the theory's is right⚓🚢

  21. Hudson family
    Hudson family
    2 napja

    Alex bales video proves you wrong, and it came out before this. Do you..... not no who Alex bale is????? Wow

  22. eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi
    2 napja

    Throwback time: Just recently watched “Over the Hedge” again today, no clue how many times I’ve seen it now. How fast can hammy move during his caffeine rush?

  23. Sadhika Mekala
    Sadhika Mekala
    2 napja

    what if after the radiation they started as primitives and evoloved from there.

  24. Tropical Fish
    Tropical Fish
    2 napja

    petition to bring back the old film theory intro

    1. eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi
      2 napja

      What if the radiation created them as prehistoric versions of them and because there where made using radiation they evolved faster

  25. Bogdan Vasile
    Bogdan Vasile
    2 napja

    Eddsworld theory when

  26. idk was i supposed to put a clever name
    idk was i supposed to put a clever name
    2 napja

    What if instead of instead of nuclear bombs it maybe was the asteroid that killed dinosaurs? Fish survived that and were maybe mutated. That could maybe explain how they were like cavemen. Are asteroids radioactive active ? Idk what im saying? Notice me senpai... i mean matpat

  27. No
    2 napja

    The best explanation for all things spongebob is Skin Theory.

  28. Obese Monkey
    Obese Monkey
    3 napja

    No one is going to mention the reference to electroboom? LATITY?

  29. Chloe Franklin
    Chloe Franklin
    3 napja

    Hiroshima? What was that pronunciation?!? I’ve never heard it pronounced that way. It’s always been He-ro-shi-ma

    3 napja

    Didn't local youtuber alex bale already solve this you should check him out matpat he is a SpongeBob theory expert

  31. Amber Rodriguez
    Amber Rodriguez
    3 napja

    Alex bale

  32. Mr. Turtle
    Mr. Turtle
    3 napja

    I wonder if nature did nukes

  33. MinerForStone
    3 napja

    Another point that wasn't mentioned in the video was that the theory doesn't explain Sandy. She's from Texas; nowhere near Bikini Atoll. She wouldn't have been affected unless she had already built her tree dome, a feat a normal squirrel cannot accomplish

  34. DiddyKongVsLuigi
    3 napja

    5:15 to 5:24 those kind of, “Jokes,” stopped being funny in 2009..... even then they were cancer. 😪🙄🤢

  35. omorales5
    3 napja

    The circle is complete with a sport theory sense you ruined video games movies food and if you read this comment sports PLEASE complete the circle.

  36. Adan Tew
    Adan Tew
    3 napja

    The calculating scorpion ultrasonographically crush because cucumber interstingly receive among a utter low. miniature, swanky plot

  37. Yes Sir
    Yes Sir
    3 napja

    Oh hey my family is from there

    1. Yes Sir
      Yes Sir
      3 napja

      Yeah it was pretty bad.. at least I heard that it was

  38. Jotunhel Gaming
    Jotunhel Gaming
    4 napja

    Mat: says 1954 Godzilla: GRANDPA 1954?

    4 napja

    What if the radiation created them as prehistoric versions of them and because there where made using radiation they evolved faster

  40. kolim jone
    kolim jone
    4 napja

    disproving the theory This clip from the episode proves

  41. edlawit fanta
    edlawit fanta
    4 napja

    Im a huge fun i watch you every day i think you should tro aobot my horo admemo

  42. DartasPlays
    4 napja

    I don’t know fish lifespan or anything but consider we’re using human years

  43. esteban collazo
    esteban collazo
    4 napja

    The redundant pyjama epidemiologically note because forecast disappointingly screw out a chilly industry. able, flippant laugh

  44. Bren Hanks
    Bren Hanks
    4 napja

    That thumbnail though

  45. Giwrgos Davola
    Giwrgos Davola
    4 napja

    what if they were created (evolved) because of time travel

  46. call me mr dog bird
    call me mr dog bird
    4 napja

    Mermaid man and barnacle boy are both humans tho

    4 napja

    I am wearing the same pants as when I discovered this account.

  48. Josh K
    Josh K
    4 napja

    Still not debunked if you consider the ancient aliens theory. There is an ancient city where the remains found were radioactive. So still possible IMO.

  49. netra Magar
    netra Magar
    4 napja

    Spongbob is lengedery

  50. Xavier Lovato
    Xavier Lovato
    5 napja

    What if spongebob is its own universe??

  51. Skep Tical
    Skep Tical
    5 napja

    HOTTAKE ALERT maybe its just a childrens show with no deep meaning or depth worth breaking down, and every single fan theory is just a basement dwelling schizo trying to make a dumb childrens show into something with a hidden message. Weirdos.

  52. Skep Tical
    Skep Tical
    5 napja

    HOTTAKE ALERT maybe its just a childrens show with no deep meaning or depth worth breaking down, and every single fan theory is just a basement dwelling schizo trying to make a dumb childrens show into something with a hidden message. Weirdos.

  53. SuN sInGeR
    SuN sInGeR
    5 napja

    So what if the caveman times in bukin bottom was the 1950s or 1960s?

  54. SuN sInGeR
    SuN sInGeR
    5 napja

    Film theory thats actaully a theory! Good work guys

  55. Alison Kortum
    Alison Kortum
    5 napja

    Theory idea: In Shutter Island, was Teddy actually a patient or was he being lied to?

  56. Round T3mptationS
    Round T3mptationS
    5 napja

    Y’all over thinking it’s a cartoon

  57. Math Dantas Tav
    Math Dantas Tav
    5 napja

    disagree, fishes tend to reach their reproductive age in about a year, and die of old age in about 4 to 6 (depending on the fish of course), that means, that on the 80 or so years that have passed since the 40s, there might have been 80 generations of fishes, to put in comparison, 80 generations of humans (considering a generation to be 30 years) would be 2400 years, so its definitly possible that all those things, including caveman spongebob were happening after the 40s, and the fish society quickly evolved within its generations until the society we see in the series

  58. Golden Rapter
    Golden Rapter
    5 napja

    It would also explain the random explosions when a character falls of a cliff or bike since those would be explosions from the testing

  59. Eric Gilbreath
    Eric Gilbreath
    5 napja

    Ok but, what if the B.C. Era started when the first nuked was tested, bc the tv show wasn't even out yet so they would have time to evolve as the years went by towards the first episode

  60. Mitchell Tate
    Mitchell Tate
    6 napja

    Great video, Matt. However you seem to have overlooked the green goo in the episode Feral Friends that de-evolves fish every one hundred years.

  61. Braidyn Buckner
    Braidyn Buckner
    6 napja

    I think think bikini bottoms timeline is diver too from ours causing time to seem to move faster like dogs

  62. marpe haider
    marpe haider
    6 napja

    I think sardines will be can fish after radiation 😁

  63. Blake Hutton
    Blake Hutton
    6 napja

    Luke skywalker is being controlled by palpating in epersode 8

    1. bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui
      6 napja

      just... a few weeks or months after the last nuclear test. Just saying... it's not altogether out the window, Mattpat. Maybe.

  64. Engieboi89 The Real One
    Engieboi89 The Real One
    6 napja

    what if perhaps the rate of time in bikini bottom is accelerated or seems to fish to go faster than that of humans so that the centuries gone by in bikini bottom were merely a few years or decades in the real world, because fish are different species and they may not perceive time the same way we do? just a thought

  65. Darthmaulstarwarsfan1977
    6 napja


    6 napja

    Super interesting theory!!!! Funny to see the lore being the one getting in the way for once 😂

  67. DC
    6 napja

    There hasn't been a Mario game theory in a while, But I got a pretty good one. How heavy is Captain Toads back pack? Like he can carry it around but he can't jump with it on?

  68. Bob The Bear
    Bob The Bear
    6 napja

    The intro looks really official.

  69. John Koji
    John Koji
    6 napja

    Actually it goes even farther back because ugh ugh is episode about primal bikini bottom along with XK 142

  70. Melissa Ericks
    Melissa Ericks
    6 napja

    grud hud of the mug

  71. something creative
    something creative
    6 napja

    What if the B.C. episodes and such were actually created after the nuclear things at Bikini Atoll?

    6 napja

    I have a theory that explain why the ppl of bikini bottom are kinda like humans. So the theory is that a moon transformed them in who they are. In one episode idk what episode it was about a green moon who transformed the ppl in bikini bottom in their normal form at the end of episode sandy transformed into her normal form bc of a orange moon.

  73. John H. Anderson
    John H. Anderson
    6 napja

    I want matpat and Alex bale to do a spongebob reference

  74. Mitlis Mitlakis
    Mitlis Mitlakis
    6 napja

    make a video on pjmasks.

  75. Nerdy Puppy
    Nerdy Puppy
    6 napja

    Please do a voice on skin theory

  76. Levi Miller
    Levi Miller
    6 napja

    For the next Siri do pearls dad

  77. Black D0g
    Black D0g
    6 napja

    Okay, but.... what about the fish's lifespans? In 1999 (when the show first came out) it had been 41 years since the last test. from my -admittedly limited- research, a starfish's natural lifespan was... almost all of that, okay. BUT, all the fish in the show seem to age, hit maturity and grow old in around the same stretch of time. So, doesn't that mean it's plausible that the sea life in SB just has drastically altered life cycles due to mutation? It's not like ALL the mutations accounted for in the series would have to be beneficial. Look at the giant, mutant fish in the first movie: they appear onscreen directly beside plenty of fish that are exactly as they are today. The alaskan bullworm, that lure fish that ate the PattyWaggon, that enormous eel that ate the lure fish, some octopi in the gift shop. Actually, just everything in the gift shop that isn't Spongebob and Patrick. Point is, those giant mutants COULD be the mutants from Bikini Atoll that mutated in more detrimental ways than anyone else: their ancestors cast out for mutating into monsters ages ago. Not all the sea life shown in SB is mutated. In fact, non mutants are just a car ride away along with the giants. So, who really knows how long the Bikini Bottom residents have been alive; how long their entire society has been alive? They talk about years, days, weeks, but they might not measure time the same way we do. Could be that the sun going down isn't really the sun at all. It could just be a lighthouse signal or something. I don't know, just not the sun. It's entirely possible that Maybe the Bikini Bottom pre-historic age was just... a few weeks or months after the last nuclear test. Just saying... it's not altogether out the window, Mattpat. Maybe.

  78. Novaflame1
    6 napja

    What about kelp city

  79. serry ciok
    serry ciok
    7 napja

    Is Toby from the office the Scranton Strangler? I need this to be answered

  80. Seagull 47
    Seagull 47
    7 napja

    If you think about it 1200 is around ww2 and the cave men were years to us but centuries to them by the nuke going off makes them become alive and starts there Society

  81. Nyxis Klun
    Nyxis Klun
    7 napja

    He didn’t do the “aaaaaaaannnd cut” thing

  82. Oshawott
    7 napja

    11:45 maybe this prehistoric time period is taking place a bit after Bikini Atoll was nuked, so possibly current day spongebob is taking place in like the far, far, FAR future from our current time? But then again David Hasslehoff was alive at the same time as spongebob, so

  83. Soup in a can
    Soup in a can
    7 napja

    I still dont know what MORTY stands for

  84. Joe Noob Gaming-Monster Legends
    Joe Noob Gaming-Monster Legends
    7 napja

    Alex bale

  85. Nathan Davidson
    Nathan Davidson
    7 napja

    Hey wasn't sure if you knew this but there was a game I player when I was a kid on the PS2 called,"Spongebob, the battle for bakini bottom". If you look around in the game you will find nuclear bombs scattered across the map. It has nothing to do with the main story line there just "there"

  86. Lenia Carter
    Lenia Carter
    7 napja

    Whoa, Matpat can really, really sing! I'd love to hear him actually sing some stuff! NO autotune, pitch correction, etc.

  87. The Cring
    The Cring
    7 napja

    What year does napoleon dynimite take place in

  88. Kasaen
    7 napja

    Day 2 of asking for a 21 Pilots Film Theory episode

  89. TDM rebel
    TDM rebel
    7 napja

    What if they just advanced differently to us like seeing as a fishes life span is much shorter a period would be different so stoneage might have been a lot shorter

  90. Nafie Mocanu
    Nafie Mocanu
    7 napja

    When are u gonna do a film theory about miraculous ladybug

  91. Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide
    7 napja

    eye. I just wanted to see what you thought. That's all.

  92. קרן אור מינצר
    קרן אור מינצר
    7 napja

    Blue theory is universe theory

  93. Gamebro
    7 napja

    It’s still so weird that they have fire under the sea🧐🤨

  94. Eyeconics2018 ✨
    Eyeconics2018 ✨
    7 napja

    I’m new to this channel but a YIAY reference? I’ll stay 😌

  95. Jordan Keep
    Jordan Keep
    7 napja

    but surely the bombs would of dropped then made the prehistoric spongebob we saw their entire timeline but the still would of been alive another thing to check out in the first movie they use water to come back to life so does this include all fish?

    1. Raptor Zeraora
      Raptor Zeraora
      7 napja

      Nope, prehistoric bikini bottom takes place millions of years ago

    2. Charming nowhere to hide
      Charming nowhere to hide
      7 napja

      Matpat become a teacher you would make learning more interesting

  96. Gabrielle King
    Gabrielle King
    7 napja

    but do we have any reason to think that their 12th century happened at the same time as ours? it would make sense if their timeline began as they became sentient, and happened to evolve in a parallel timeline to humans. as viewers we only know what they know.

    1. Raptor Zeraora
      Raptor Zeraora
      7 napja

      It doesnt make any sense for their timeline to become sentient

  97. i am pro
    i am pro
    7 napja

    Explain the older version like episode of ugh and others there was no nuclear bombs that time meaning there was another person who did it (founded in a video)

    1. Raptor Zeraora
      Raptor Zeraora
      7 napja

      Alex bale?

  98. nate half
    nate half
    7 napja

    Is there any evidence of what year or era it was above water? Maybe there was an excellerated time shift that slowed over time, for example the Treehouse of Horror where Lisa accidentally produces and excellerated society that goes from caveman to future but then doesn't progress further, just a theory...

  99. MajorGroseOut
    8 napja

    Theory idea: how big are the characters? They’re about the same height/size as mermaid man and barnacle boy (humans), but also pearl (a whale). Are they huge??