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The Film Theorists

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  1. Олександр Гончаренко
    Олександр Гончаренко
    3 perccel

    Relaxing Waterfall | Шум водопада -

  2. JZG1182
    4 perccel

    Jason is teleporting i dont have to watch a 20 minute video to know that.

  3. Mr Upliftmofo
    Mr Upliftmofo
    4 perccel

    Possible theory here the death of river phoenix could Leonardo DiCaprio be involved after all he beifited the most

  4. 5AR1M
    5 perccel

    the eye of agomoto detail is wrong as strange said it was FAKE

  5. Jon Defiant
    Jon Defiant
    6 perccel

    Yes you did

  6. Eli
    7 perccel

    In the beginning when it says “be careful what you wish for Parker” it sounds like Harry Osborn from the amazing Spider-Man, not green goblin from first spider man

  7. Freya Stewart
    Freya Stewart
    9 perccel

    Is it me or has anyone else noticed and wondered why Matt has said "My Sista from anotha Mista"?

  8. Jay
    11 perccel

    I never thought about this 🤯 watching HSM is gonna be a different experience now

  9. jyto87yo987
    14 perccel

    matpat i think you should try looking at the jacksfilms arg thing

  10. pic!
    15 perccel

    El Camino shuts this whole video down

    15 perccel

    "And no, he isn't the son if two cookies" I also thought that at the beginning lmao

  12. The_FNaF_Fan
    15 perccel

    Is that kind of an ultimate version of blitz 5:09

  13. Dylan Walters
    Dylan Walters
    17 perccel

    Then why at the end of the last episode it said & Roy

  14. Bar-B !
    Bar-B !
    19 perccel

    The moose sack is prolly just a fail

  15. Phénix
    19 perccel

    Fourth channel: Song theory

  16. Leo Castellon
    Leo Castellon
    21 perce

    Rick and morty season 5

  17. A.A. Werding
    A.A. Werding
    21 perce

    … you guys over there don‘t have McRibbs anymore?

  18. Literally Nobody
    Literally Nobody
    23 perccel

    Some subs please, not the sandwich kind

  19. Literally Nobody
    Literally Nobody
    24 perccel

    I want a sub

  20. FAB_Lol 642
    FAB_Lol 642
    24 perccel

    When you realise that Ford could have just erased Bill Cipher from Stans head instead of himself 😑

  21. Connor Brinkman
    Connor Brinkman
    28 perccel

    Well, guess I have to comment now. Thanks for ruining childhoods since 2011, and thank you for ruining mine specifically since 2013!

  22. Pray4MePls
    39 perccel

    My user name is funny...

  23. BroDiePie
    40 perccel

    Am I the only one who always gets disappointed when he says “But that’s just a theory”

  24. abdulrahman
    44 perccel

    merhaba ben volkan konak

  25. Nathan B
    Nathan B
    44 perccel

    So basically, this entire movie was created so the renegotiations won't screw up the story? Sounds about right.

  26. Fnaf4r4 TD
    Fnaf4r4 TD
    45 perccel

    I know how to find out but it’s kind Of hard you have find out what the ingridens that turnd it good are then you take the chum out of the flap Patty DONE!!!

  27. Sprinkle Splash
    Sprinkle Splash
    48 perccel

    This is the best theory ever!!! I needed baby shark to be ruined lol.

  28. Nome [HoloFans Grave Digger, Desk-Kun Repair Shop]
    Nome [HoloFans Grave Digger, Desk-Kun Repair Shop]
    52 perccel

    I remember when OwO didn't had a singular video Good times Now we're in GREATER TIMES

  29. Geekleas
    52 perccel

    Sophie is dressed in Purple? Really? She’s dressed in red. And no, I’m not colorblind

  30. DeltaDemon1
    55 perccel

    I never got the appeal of this movie. It's OK at best...Not really all that funny.

  31. Andrew Nobody
    Andrew Nobody
    56 perccel

    The eye was protected with a spell, it was a fake that was crushed

  32. cody morency
    cody morency
    57 perccel

    i think someone saw the world needed time to heal, and found a way to preserve everyone untill eventually they could be revived. after the world is healed and all traces of humans is erased, to give us a fresh slate.

  33. Ranjit Kushwaha
    Ranjit Kushwaha
    58 perccel

    Spiderman no way home trailer released on 24th august not 23rd

  34. Matthew Franks
    Matthew Franks

    The Coachman is a demon

  35. Deezy

    part 2 when

  36. Sumbody 69
    Sumbody 69

    The fact that they did the whole MCU without the x-men being involved was impressive and I did not think they could ever pull it off.

  37. The_ Ghost
    The_ Ghost

    Since you mentioned Morty's mind blowers, what are the yellow ones supposed to contain?

  38. JamieAIVODS

    matt when are you doing chapter 2 of deltarune

  39. Zeb Jaffe
    Zeb Jaffe

    The beginning concept of not being picked is mega flawed. Instead, vamp up your situational awareness and home security so that these maniacs can't take you in the first place. Instead of trying to convince the maniac you deserve to be alive (ultimately a fruitless endeavor which your explanation aptly notes), make yourself the hardest target possible.

  40. KidHowren

    this theory is really funny to think about because it means Goku is such a chad that in 40+ minutes he never once tries to call Frieza's bluff or question why the planet hasn't blown up. he literally doesn't care

  41. That Trans Guy
    That Trans Guy

    Hi, OwO

  42. zachary wasup
    zachary wasup

    So I guess I'm a nobody cus I'm watching

  43. Constantijn Pino
    Constantijn Pino

    cuteness?, what is cute about them?

  44. Gaming with Mr. CS
    Gaming with Mr. CS

    Cap took the time stone back in the end of Endgame

  45. Moe Dab
    Moe Dab

    Well @thefilmtheorist You forgot to mention that they emit Radiation which Im surprised that humans are ok with being around them and not caring about their own wellbeing hence how they are so easy to track with their radiation signature levels

  46. 102

    I seen reboot n already agreed 100%, I mean think about it. Sony is making movies for Spider-Man villains, making a Spider-Man universe to get some time out the mcu makes so much sense

  47. Shane B
    Shane B

    Hey Jeopardy!, Michael here......

  48. sherrie Moon
    sherrie Moon

    Why assume Bucky got a promotion right out of basic. Bad assuming

  49. AtomicDragon

    Couldn't strange use the time stone to reverse the destruction of the eye of agimoto and have it back?

  50. Sunny Lyndis
    Sunny Lyndis

    So Kovu literally is the rightful King.

  51. Crewz Cairnz
    Crewz Cairnz

    this proves my thought that Mat Pat has no life...

  52. Moe Dab
    Moe Dab

    TBH Im with you on the fact that Transformers would be a product designed by none other than IKEA Made by Transformium [Dramatic Applause]

  53. Chumpye

    So basically maybe spiderman steps down from being spiderman, and miles takes over

  54. The Diamond Planet
    The Diamond Planet

    I mean THANOS is still the proper acronym Tesseract Hydra's super soldier Aether Neck Locket Orb Scepter

  55. Mahasin Al Islam
    Mahasin Al Islam


  56. Patriotic nerd
    Patriotic nerd

    14:45 In the end i just needed to grow up and face the inevitable.

  57. Jabbo Myth
    Jabbo Myth

    If there’s a Nexus being for every time line and Strange Supreme is the only person in his time line then he should be the nexus being… he’s powerful enough

  58. apfelninja

    OR . . . they made the preview as if they (Disney) were in an alternate universe, and we "accidentally" got a transdimensional variant of the trailer itself.

  59. Uzair Ahmed
    Uzair Ahmed

    Owo, if you are watching this comment, plz tell us who are you?

  60. On1Star

    I am 98% sure this is a jojos reference

  61. Courtney Jackson
    Courtney Jackson

    What if they use this movie to bring back Tobey and Andrew own individual stand-alone movies 🤔🤔🤔 with their villains🤔🤔🤔

  62. TrES-2b

    Owo: i comment on lots of videos Ray mak: *hold my comments*

  63. Abhyudai Vishisht
    Abhyudai Vishisht

    somebody tell him tom hollands spidey can dodge consecutive bullets fired by what a thousand drones

  64. Sebastian Kisiel
    Sebastian Kisiel

    Couldn't have Steve (who went back in time after the end game) picked up the shield for the last time to fight the red guardian?

  65. Juan Johnson
    Juan Johnson

    Thanos said the eye he broke was a fake 11 min in

  66. Grace Johnson
    Grace Johnson
    2 órája

    I had a literal freakout when Doc Ock showed up like my sister had to remind me to take deep breaths

  67. Jose Reynaldo
    Jose Reynaldo
    2 órája

    No Rick and Marty theory this week? :/

  68. Gary Wheeling
    Gary Wheeling
    2 órája

    owo you need to stop

  69. shani yan
    shani yan
    2 órája

    a possible Sam Raimi Spider-Man 4.

  70. Geoffrey Dowdle
    Geoffrey Dowdle
    2 órája

    I'm surprised you didn't run with the probability of only youth receiving the candy bars compared to adults (even though your point was that it was rigged anyway). Also when I was in Guatemala, the people bought way more Coca-Cola than their disposable income / buying power would suggest. In other words, I wonder if there is any data on cultural influence of candy per country in that time period.

  71. this is the way
    this is the way
    2 órája

    5:37 he even guessed the actors

    2 órája

    Question: who’s gonna be the powerhouse of the spidy’s? Tom’s Peter is balanced, but Andrew’s Peter is min maxed for on the fly solutions…and then there’s Toby’s Peter who is broken with his organic webs and nigh omniscient spider sense

  73. Thomas Petch
    Thomas Petch
    2 órája

    Simpler version, just say that the Snyder cut is pre crisis and the josstice league one is post crisis (since Ezra Miller is in the crisis) plus it explains why atlanteans are so different in ZSJL and Aquaman

  74. 555zxc
    2 órája

    But the thing thanos destoryed was a fake doe????

  75. Milton Arvidsson
    Milton Arvidsson
    2 órája


  76. ThE pr373nder
    ThE pr373nder
    2 órája

    At the start you said "mirror mirror on the wall", the correct way is "magic mirror on the wall

  77. pewien człowiek
    pewien człowiek
    2 órája

    chiken chik

  78. Milton Arvidsson
    Milton Arvidsson
    2 órája