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    14 órája

    Ah yes, starbucks, my favourite star wars company

  2. Rissa
    14 órája

    Was this video supposed to be different? I'm struggling to understand why it's titled the way it is

  3. Spencer Baird
    Spencer Baird
    14 órája

    So basically.... Haymitch was right all along.

  4. fog inx
    fog inx
    14 órája

    Renewal is the worst episode

  5. afraid mantis683
    afraid mantis683
    14 órája

    Who’s Micheal Jordan

  6. Jared Kruger
    Jared Kruger
    14 órája

    please make a episode about phantom of the opera.

  7. Megan Brownhill
    Megan Brownhill
    14 órája

    They do make a quick appearance

    1. Megan Brownhill
      Megan Brownhill
      14 órája

      The monstars I mean

  8. Duelawig
    14 órája

    You did a ton of binge watching for this but you haven't seen the movie? Spoiler: It's bad

  9. JohnBoy fpv
    JohnBoy fpv
    14 órája

    Title: "LOONEY TUNES CHEATED" Video: 3+ minutes of NordVPN shill 🤣

    14 órája

    Average team was shooting *Proceeds to show golden state*

    14 órája

    Yo he should do Omega Mart theory. its look interesting to look at. Look up Meow Wolf and watch his video

  12. Robert
    14 órája

    Do a theory of Ursula and malthusian who win

  13. The Falcon
    The Falcon
    14 órája

    Man I love ur vids matt

  14. TheSubtleCow
    14 órája

    See you in season 2 :3

  15. Steve Nash Productions
    Steve Nash Productions
    14 órája

    4:58 uh no, it takes place in 1994-95 which should be obvious because MJ is still playing baseball and at the end of the movie he comes back wearing #45, something be only did in the 1994-95 season

  16. Lighting foxy Prince 19
    Lighting foxy Prince 19
    14 órája

    Why they cheated why!?

  17. You
    14 órája

    Me at 1:38 : yeah I think I see LaurenZSide with brown hair….

  18. gaming whith tofu
    gaming whith tofu
    14 órája

    You do have a point but in the new movie they travel to Atlanta and there mutated to

  19. Pine Forest
    Pine Forest
    14 órája

    This video turned out way different from what I originally expected.

  20. Pkmn Trainer Red
    Pkmn Trainer Red
    14 órája

    3:30 - 3:33 Suddenly I'm starting to realize how oversexualized Lola bunny seems...

  21. AiryEel
    14 órája

    When realize that you watched this video on the anniversary of Food theory

  22. Axep
    14 órája

    but the new monstars are boring

  23. Pkmn Trainer Red
    Pkmn Trainer Red
    14 órája

    When you roast a fictional basket ball team made of monsters, but you do it with *logic and knowledge*

  24. Jessica Boggess
    Jessica Boggess
    15 órája

    Y'know what would have made you not need to say "not efishent at all". Saying "wall-a" instead of "wall-e"

  25. Patricio Boada
    Patricio Boada
    15 órája

    It sucks it simply sucks

  26. Mr. Robloxer
    Mr. Robloxer
    15 órája

    Holy moly 10 million subscribers finally

  27. DomInARK
    15 órája

    I just think cap didn’t want to steal Thor’s thunder 😂😂

  28. elias fergusonrice
    elias fergusonrice
    15 órája

    hey film theory or matpat whichever i have a game that maybe you could make a theory on its called tabs.

  29. judy gibson
    judy gibson
    15 órája

    Theory idea Daffy Duck and Donald Duck are related?

  30. Miss Self Destruct
    Miss Self Destruct
    15 órája

    Don't lie, this is everything FNAF could have and should have been.

  31. Round Gameing
    Round Gameing
    15 órája

    Hey mat you know pocket Morty well in the game there is a morty called old morty a guess who he looks like

  32. xp Skystar7
    xp Skystar7
    15 órája

    Me seeing the title: DUHHHHH

  33. Alexander Anderson
    Alexander Anderson
    15 órája

    Rick and Morty are in the new movie

  34. Eric T
    Eric T
    15 órája

    Really great research hear I’m loving this

  35. Dylan Woedl
    Dylan Woedl
    15 órája

    I liked x men origins wolverine

    15 órája

    I'm sitting here stunned... MatPat u sly devil let me have a peep at that magical sphere that tells the future

  37. Isabel {cute and deadly}
    Isabel {cute and deadly}
    15 órája

    F A M I L Y

  38. Maxxy In Gacha
    Maxxy In Gacha
    15 órája


  39. Nerdy Cat Mum
    Nerdy Cat Mum
    15 órája

    Thoroughly detest clickbait. You have sunk to your first low matpat. unsubscribed.

  40. josh cuadrado
    josh cuadrado
    15 órája

    Unfortunately the only thing he got right was the gender of taskmaster

  41. SamuelX Literotica
    SamuelX Literotica
    15 órája

    LeBron is better than Michael Jordan.

  42. Eric T
    Eric T
    15 órája

    MattPat, as a dude who had no idea about basketball growing up and never wanted to watch it, you’ve quickly developed a genuinely strong understanding of NBA strategy both 90s era and today. Not surprised because we all know how good you/your team is at research, but still impressed!

  43. SockmonkeyGirl
    15 órája

    Rick and Morty season 5 ep 7 got leaked and it confirms that we are watching the c-137 versions of Rick and Morty.

  44. ceydusta
    15 órája

    In season 5 episode 7, Rick is referred to as Rick C-137 :)

  45. Mary K
    Mary K
    15 órája

    Wa wa walten

  46. Dark aqua
    Dark aqua
    15 órája

    Cristiano Ronaldo is more recognised imo

  47. Joshua Lee Spiny
    Joshua Lee Spiny
    15 órája

    Looney "tunes" riiiiiiight

  48. Naparoid
    15 órája

    I always had this theory that Genie screwed Jafar's first wish. When Aladin asked Genie if he could make him a prince, Genie explained to him that he needs to be very specific of what he's gonna wish for. If he had wished to make him a prince then Genie could just create a random prince instead. He said that key is in the detail. So when Jafar wished to become a Sultan, Genie did grand his wish but he made sure that the people won't have to obey or serve him because he never asked for it. And since the detail is a very important part on the wish, Genie never broke the laws and ruies of the Genie. He gave Jafar only what he asked

  49. Steven Enright
    Steven Enright
    15 órája


  50. soul collector
    soul collector
    15 órája

    What if flim theory did omega mart theory

  51. Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez
    15 órája

    i watched local 58 while listening to "Acrophobia" (non sped up version) from the omori ost

  52. Krist Paul Melegrito
    Krist Paul Melegrito
    15 órája

    D \ D /

  53. Joe Vines
    Joe Vines
    15 órája

    I liked Michael Jordan's acting as a kid ☹

  54. Pog the artist
    Pog the artist
    15 órája


  55. dabradmp1
    15 órája

    The real question is why is Lola not hot like in the first movie.... It's criminal

  56. Null
    15 órája

    Oh no he hasn’t seen the movie yet! Quick someone has to warn him before he watches it!

  57. Red X
    Red X
    15 órája

    Video Title: The Looney Tunes cheated Video: The Monstars just sucked.

  58. Santa Fanta
    Santa Fanta
    15 órája

    I've watched the last episode and found out that the same person that's in the chair is the actor that plays Kang maybe I don't know so you could be right.

  59. Gigi Hickman
    Gigi Hickman
    15 órája

    Can u pls do a film theory on the show lost ending

  60. Fie
    15 órája

    But how did the Looney Tunes cheat?

  61. Pranav Bangaru
    Pranav Bangaru
    15 órája

    Well I have a better and simpler one. William Wonka is actually A Weasley Twin (from the Harry Potter World). Yup you read it right. One of the twins die and the other one goes into depression. If you pause at 2:58, you can see that his lamp, glass, model and actually everything is cut in half. This gives a message that he misses his twin. So he gives a tribute to his brother. But heey that's a theory A Fan Theory -- Aaaannnddd CUT!

  62. Brian Griffin Gaming
    Brian Griffin Gaming
    15 órája

    sans is secretly ness moment

  63. Pepe Priest
    Pepe Priest
    15 órája

    Nope, lebron didnt improve jordan acting

  64. Ilia Stephnadze
    Ilia Stephnadze
    15 órája

    Hey guys we did it Film theory has reached 10million subscribers!!!!!!

  65. Mohammed Aman
    Mohammed Aman
    15 órája

    LeBron James is dead so he is not gonna be in space jam new legacy

  66. Purple Bloxy
    Purple Bloxy
    15 órája

    anyone else just realized that the amazing world of gumball maybe had a reference to DHMIS also the time song is very similar to the “Fun will never end” song

  67. Brianna Maxson
    Brianna Maxson
    15 órája

    i’m rewatching this with a better perspective, i’ll keep you updated.

    1. Brianna Maxson
      Brianna Maxson
      15 órája

      around 10 minutes in and suddenly i’m interested in investments and other business things 🧑‍💼🤝🧑‍💼

  68. 2bored
    15 órája

    roasted XD

  69. Lantern Risk Services Sheffield
    Lantern Risk Services Sheffield
    15 órája

    me and my family just watched troll hunter the movie. there are quite a few weird things in it that i would like to see the answer for.

  70. Jordan Eyre
    Jordan Eyre
    15 órája

    Skip it.

  71. Maxxy In Gacha
    Maxxy In Gacha
    15 órája

    ha i watched this when i was 5 :)

  72. Jazz Shepherd
    Jazz Shepherd
    15 órája

    if the Monstars returned wouldnt they just take todays modetn best players (Kawii, steph kurry, carmello anthony, Chris paul, Giannis , Devin Booker, ect) ????

  73. Naomi WIlliamson
    Naomi WIlliamson
    15 órája

    My mum has watch this

  74. usernameorsomething
    15 órája

    This is a theory that i can get behind. I think this would be the best thing for the show to do. Maybe a fight between the normal and evil morty and rick at the end of the entire show. I hope the end doesnt get there untill at least season 200000 🙃😂

  75. maysminecraft
    15 órája

    bad title, how did the looney Tunes cheat?

  76. Hermit Card
    Hermit Card
    15 órája

    Plot Twist I realized when I was a kid: IN MOST ANIMES, CARTOONS, MYTHS, LEGENDS, TALES... THE GOOD GUYS ARE CHEATERS. PS: Anime sugar coats the best to hide it, and what I mean is anime characters receive TONS AMOUNTS OF DAMAGE by their enemy and is not defeated. The enemy recieves a few hits by the power of friendship and is done. That's NOT how it happens in real life.

  77. ac42
    15 órája

    congrats on 10 mill with 2 channels matpat

  78. The Ghost Hour
    The Ghost Hour
    15 órája

    I saw the movie and there is a cameo of the monsters but in their original small form. Also big Chungus. Honestly the movie kinda sucked. But in a good way